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Jewelspur Canyon - Act 1 - Scene 2 - Ayleurian and Abigail
As they entered the circle, Ayleurian new immediately something was wrong. The wagon didn't 'lurch forward' as the wizard had said was a sign of a good teleport. Instead, the wagon lurched sideways: in three different directions. A few thuds, lurches and multiple bruises later, they came to a complete stop: in the midst of a herd of wild Aurochs. Ayleurian looked around as she held her banged up body and said a whispered prayer to any powers that might be to help them.

The sudden appearance of the wagon startled the nearby Aurochs, causing them to start bellowing in a frenzy. The immediate group surrounding the wagon backed away, but were jostled by those behind them as the frenzy started a chain reaction.

Ayleurian looked around and saw Abigail had fallen out of the wagon and was unconscious on the ground. Thinking quickly, she channeled a burst of energy outward with a will of healing 'Please heal, Abigail', she thought in worry. She saw Abigail start to wake up, but realized she won't be up in time to avoid the frenzy around her. Ayleurian hopped off the wagon and rushed to her side, sending a warm energy into Abigal as she began to help her up. "Abigail! Wake up! We need to get out of here, now!" Ayleurian pleaded.

ooc: Ride check to stay seated in the wagon, Abigail, please. Nevermind. You can't when you fall unconscious.

Also, both Ayleurian and Abigail take 11 damage from the mishap-laden teleport. ^^; owiee...

Ayleurian heals Abigail for 3 HP, and then again for 4.

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Mon 23 Mar 2015
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Re: Jewelspur Canyon - Act 1 - Scene 2 - Ayleurian and Abigail
Abigail watched the circle with intense concentration as the wagon crossed over into it. Then the world went off-track: flashes of light, and snatches of sound assailed Abigail's senses; something smashed into her repeatedly, and consciousness fled in the face of such an overwhelming and painful assault.

Ayleurian's voice echoed repeatedly in her ears from a distance, and for a second Abigail wondered if she'd fallen down a well or crevice. Slowly, however, her senses returned, and she found herself lying sideways on the ground, next to the front wheels of the wagon. "Wha?" she said, slowly rising as Ayleurian helped her to her feet. From her movements it was clear that she was still favoring her left side. "What happened?"

Aurochs surrounded them, shifting with uneasy energy; as Abigail's wits slowly returned, she could see the growing disturbance in the herd. Her gaze returned to Ayleurian's face, and a troubled frown had completely replaced the anticipation and excitement that had bubbled forth just a few moments before. "Where are we?"

Finally she seemed to wake to the danger around them, and her head snapped over to look at the wagon. "The wagon!" she said, moving to climb back on; as she did so, she looked forward, towards the pole and yoke. "Did the horses... are they ok?"

OOC: Unless Ayleurian stops her, Abigail's going to climb back up into the front of the wagon.
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Sat 2 May 2015
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Re: Jewelspur Canyon - Act 1 - Scene 2 - Ayleurian and Abigail
Ayleurian was relieved to see Abigail wake up. It was as if a heavy weight were lifted from her heart in that moment. However, Abigail's call of distress at the surrounding tide of events brought her mental acuity back into check. Ayleurian quickly slapped a palm to her own chest to send energy washing through her, healing whatever she could in the process. "Right. We need to calm the horses." She said, her voice barely audible over the din around her. She quickly leapt up to the wagon and grabbed the reins. "Whoa there. Come on, we need you to guide us out." Her voice wasn't so much as calm as it was brittle with authority.


Healing Touch(Lay on Hands) #2: 1 HP

Handle Animal: 21 Whadya know)(

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Sat 2 May 2015
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Re: Jewelspur Canyon - Act 1 - Scene 2 - Ayleurian and Abigail
Abigail regained her seat next to Ayleurian; she chewed her lip nervously as she looked at the surrounding herd. "Something to keep them from bolting," she said, more to herself than to her companion; then, after a second of thought, she started nodding at a forming idea. "Or, so they don't bolt over us." She pulled a bit of wool from a pouch at her belt as she threw a small smile towards Ayleurian. "Lion. Lion? Yeah, lion."

Making a 'V' with her hands, she clapped them together, then wiggled her fingers. "유령의 소리!" Suddenly the air around the wagon was filled with the low angry growl of some predatory beast...

OOC: Casting ghost sound to create what sounds (to Abigail at least) like a growling lion. Not a full roar -- she doesn't have the skill to make it that loud, but a lower angry  warning growl kind of sound:

Edit: Hoping that their first reaction is to run AWAY from us...

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Wed 10 Aug 2016
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Re: Jewelspur Canyon - Act 1 - Scene 2 - Ayleurian and Abigail
When the growls started, Ayleurian noticed that the nearby Aurochs decided to move away from the wagon. The nearest Aurochs reared as they turned away bellowing and started pushing the others away. At this point, the entire herd seemed to shift. The Aurochs decidedly moved north, albeit slowly at first, but soon picked up speed. Soon, the entire herd was moving around them, avoiding the lion noises coming from the wagon, and pretty soon Abigail and Ayleurian were left alone. Ayleurian had held onto the horses best she could and managed to keep them from bolting. She took the time to calm them down before getting the wagon moving again. "I think I see a river over there." Ayleurian motioned, sounding somewhat shaken, and turned the wagon in that direction.

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