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Fri 19 Dec 2014
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IT3: Posting Example
Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is a play by post game, I know I know, you knew that already. But did you know that there are some common conventions we can stick to that will make everyone's life a little easier? Let me Demonstrate!

I walk into the tavern and say Hello, then I sit down and take a drink.

Now, setting aside that this is not very descriptive the reader could be left wondering: Why is this man or woman telling us that they sit down and take a drink instead of just doing it? That's where the good ol conventions of the Play by Post forum come in handy. The above post becomes:

I walk into the tavern and say "Hello!", then I sit down and take a drink.

See how that seems a bit easier to read, text is encapsulated in quotes and colored so that readers are able to distinguish it clearly from actions or description.

Now what if I wanted to exhibit my awesome telepathic powers to the attractive Bar Maiden so that she might grace me with her presence, and an ale? Let me show you how that would work:

I walk into the tavern and say "Hello!", then I sit down and take a drink. Spotting the Bar Maiden across the room I press my index and middle fingers to my temple and stretch my mind out across the distance 'Hi there, I'm the handsome fellow sitting across the tavern and I would love it if you would bring yourself, and a mug of ale to my table'

As you can see my thoughts are wrapped up nice and cozy in a single quote (apostrophe), italicized and in a different color because they are that special.

Now I know you are wondering, "What if a Dragon crashes through the roof, grabs up the maiden, and I am forced to defender her honor with my steel?", I think about these sorts of things all the time. Thankfully there is a convention to the rescue. All non role playing text must be placed at the bottom of the post, in orange, precursor ed by the tag "OOC:" with all actions clearly stated and any dice rolls quoted from the dice roller. Here, let me show you:

I walk into the tavern and say "Hello!", then I sit down and take a drink. Spotting the Bar Maiden across the room I press my index and middle fingers to my temple and stretch my mind out across the distance 'Hi there, I'm the handsome fellow sitting across the tavern and I would love it if you would bring yourself, and a mug of ale to my table'

I watch with awe as the Bar Maid, seemingly immune to the surprise of my thought messages, begins to walk towards me with a cold aleski. Then my vision is obscured for a moment as the large fist of a Black dragon tears its way through the straw and wooden beams of the Tavern and snatches up the Bar Maiden. My cat like reflexes kick in and I last out at the Dragons fist with my steel.

OOC: I strike at the Dragon with my Rapier

19:16, Today: Dungeon Master rolled 214 using 1d20+200. Example Strike.

I of course hit the Dragon, I am very skilled. But as you can see that makes things very clear and concise and little is left to question; Except maybe why this tavern, why this bar maiden? Hmmm...

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Thu 25 Dec 2014
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Re: IT3: Posting Example
Hello Adventurers!

I wanted to post a bit on etiquette when playing in an online game, or in a tabletop game for that matter. I want to start with a couple rules for this game and then I will go into a few general things.

1. Adult Language or Content: This game is marked for Adult Language and Content which means that it can be used. However there will not be any material of a normally "private" nature posted publicly. We will instead opt for a Fade to black and any further messages regarding what goes on beyond that black will be handled via Private Message. Adult language however can be used so long as it is appropriate to the situation. For example a Dwarf faced with a Goblin threat might use the phrase "Damned Goblins, For Moradin!". That being said if I feel it is going to far then I will say something, my intent will not be to stifle your creativity but rather to find alternate paths to express it.

2. No God Mode: Every single one of you is a living breathing creature. You can die. The game mechanics will help to dictate that but this also needs to be reflected in your personality. A good hero is mindful that if he dies today in vain then he cannot fight for good tomorrow. That being said one can still be confident in their skills and abilities. You may legitimately be the biggest toughest guy in the tavern right now, and knowledge of that may fill you with pride, but when the stops have been pulled, you are surrounded by thugs with all sorts of improvised weapons, and the situation is looking grim I expect your tone to change a bit, at least internally.

3. Speak for Yourself, and the occasional NPC: When playing a role playing game with others it's imperative we do not assume actions. We wait until an action is explicitly stated.

Ex. "Ted may I have that healing potion?" I hold out my hand waiting for Ted to give me the potion

Would be appropriate

"Ted may I have that healing potion?" Grabbing the potion from Ted I uncork it and chug it down

Would not be as it assumes Ted gave you the Healing potion. Now here's where things can unrestrict you a bit. Any unnamed (read: Unimportant) npc in the world can be used by you to come up with an interesting scene without my input so long as that scene does not give you any information regarding current quests or an unfair bonus or acquisition. For Ex.

I call the waitress over to my table, she smiles "What are you having stranger?" she playfully says, I begin to play with two gold coins between my fingers, "I'll take the sweetest drink you have" I seal my flirtatious sentence with a wink and the waitress begins to giggle, "I'll get that right away for you"

This is fine, she has not aided you in your quest and has not given you something that will alters your characters stats any. This kind of scene and dialogue can enhance the readers accepting of events, it makes it more real to them. Try not to be as cheesy as I was in the example but I think you get the point. Now for an example how not to do it:

I burst through the door of the shop with a mighty kick. I move swiftly across the room and grab the shop keeper by collar, "What...t.t... do you want from me?" he stutters in fear "Where are all the drugs going?" the shop keeper looks terrified and my bravado makes him talk almost immediately "A warehouse on the docks, I don't know who's bringing them in, I swear to Ao" "SWEAR TO ME!!!" I say and then throw him behind the counter and disappear back out into the city streets

As you can see the character in this was Batman....but also was on a quest to find where the drugs were going, this means that anyone he interrogates that could provide him information needs to be handled by the game master, it's possible that I might have this particular shop keepers family be held captive by the drug dealers and thus he would be unwilling to talk making for an interesting story twist, can't do that though if you don't give me the chance.

4. Last thing I want to talk about is posting Rate: Play by post games are notoriously slow. I want to break that mold a bit and thus I am looking for each of us to be checking the boards at least once a day and posting something story related at least 5 times a week. This will make sure that we are able to get through content fairly quickly. Now this may seem like I am asking for a lot but if you think about it, 5 times a week, 20 minutes a post, is only about 2 hours (given slight time variations). If we got together for a tabletop game once a week this would take up anywhere from 2 to 6 hours on average so I don't think I am being unreasonable. Now here's the exception: Holidays and Personal leave. Yes just like a good company you get holidays off and personal leave if you need. It would just be great to know in advance. For periods of time where you cannot post just send me a private message or if you are ok with posting it to the group then do so in OOC. During that period I will RP your character or if it's an appropriate time for them to step away (say following an adventure and before we start another one) then we can do that as well. Communication is key. As for Holidays, everyone is typically doing something and there will be no expectations on the week of a holiday, any posts will be welcomed but not expected.

All in all this is a game and we are supposed to have fun. I don't want it to be an interference in your life or feel like an obligation. But each of us has something invested in this and the worst possible feeling is having posted something and then waiting for days and days to hear back from someone, it kills the suspension of disbelief.

That's where I will leave this for now. If you need further clarification, or if you need to speak with me about a particular point I have made then please Private Message. As always my door is open and I am ready to listen Brave Adventurers!

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