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Chapter 1: The Royal Flagon Presents....

Chapter 1: The Royal Flagon Presents....
Date: 11th Day of Marpenoth

"I have never understood why people fret over how to start a story, just start from the beginning" - Illana Brightfeather, of the Harpers

    The heat of the day had created a town full of irritable folk. This late in Fall it was uncharacteristically warm, pushing well into the triple digits. But now, as the sun set over the horizon, the heat began to wane and a cold northern wind rushed through town of Tegal's Mark like a phantom. It was a stark contrast to the overly warm day, and now people rushed to gather wood into their homes and establishments to fend off the cold. As the people of Tegal's Mark worked they buzzed with the info that a troop of Entertainers had just come into town from Shadowdale and brought with them the latest of stories from the Harpers and the likes of Elminster himself, or so they claimed. Thus as the evening progresses the tavern began overflowing with life, filled to capacity with Drunkards, Marshairs, and Farmers alike; All of them happy to be taking in the warmth from the hearth and the spiced ale.

    As the 8 o clock hour struck, the light from the day had completely retreated, the troop had finished setting up their stage and made ready for the performance, "Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please!" A tall, broad shouldered, man with Brown hair and green eyes, dressed in navy blue leathers and a deep purple cloak, called from the corner where the Troop had set up their stage. "Allow me please, my Introduction, I am Talvin, adventurer, Storyteller, and impeccable dresser..." the Bard stopped a moment as laughter rang out from the crowd. He bowed and took in the laughter then pulled his cape around him dramatically so that it was slightly below his chin. His voice took on a mysterious and deep tone, "...Tonight’s true tale of towering Trolls, Torn Tabards, Tainted Taproots and Treacherous tombs is sure to treat. So take tally as we tilt the till towards Talo's Tempest. The Tale tells of tidings first then takes turn towards destined turmoil." Talvin's voice was all that could be heard through the tavern by the end of his speech, with all eyes on him he pulled the cloak above his mouth and stepped slowly into the shadows beside the stage. A few moments later a small female child, eyes wrapped in white linen with visibly dried blood steps on stage. She is unsure of her footing but finds her place. She begins to sing in a high register a song known to the followers of Ilmater as the song of Bold Sacrifice, it emphasizes the tenants that for the good of many some must make sacrifice. It is haunting, and fills the air with a chill that runs down the spines of those who watch. A certain magical feeling of grief wells up in the room where there should be none. As her song wraps she begins to sing a tune steeped in thick melody and a chorus can be heard joining her from beyond the drawn curtains to the sides of the stage.

     After a few moments of the chorus's song a man lurches on stage. He stands just a foot and a half taller than the child on in his hunched position, he has tussled white hair. He is wearing a brown robe and holds only a staff. "I am Alazaeidrick of Shadowdale, and I have seen the Weave! An audible gasp rises from several patrons in the Flagon who are familiar with the stories of the Weave. "I come with tidings" a vapor begins to form at the feet of the child  and the sage who's head tilts back slightly. The child's singing begins to crescendo as the Sage's eyes roll backward into his skull. The music finishes it's crescendo and then silence falls, the Sages head snaps back forward and with mouth gaping a voice is heard vocalizing from within, "WHEN SETTING SUN BURNS AUTUMN LEAFS AND LEAVES THE WATER SCORCHED, THEN, WITH QUICK DECENT, THE COLD WILL FALL LIKE ICE UPON THE SEED; FROSTED BREATH, BATED FOR THE NEXT COMING, EXHALED, THE HORDES WITH TORCHES LIT WILL DESCEND UPON THE DALES"

    The nights hours stream by as the patrons drink and watch the entertainers act out the scenes of the play which depicts Battledale to the north being sieged by a monstrous horde of Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and other various monstrous beasts from Zhentil Keep. At the stories end a lone hero, with the Blade of Ilmater he had retrieved from a tomb earlier in his quest, stands against the horde and ultimately pays for the safety of his village with his life, but he dies knowing that his family will be safe. As the curtains draw closed and the hero fades into the beyond the female child steps back onto stage. The chorus of singers begins their singing behind her again and a tear can be seen running down her face from beneath the blood soaked linen. "Papa...? I love you" her words are mere whispers but the tavern had drawn quiet at her appearance and so they carry her haunting message throughout the establishment. A few moments later a single set of applause can be heard slowly starting and then building as everyone gains confidence the story has ended and welcomes the chance to praise the entertainers for their haunting tale of sacrifice. The entertainers slowly emerge and begin taking their bows and then Talvin returns to the stage and motions for the entertainers to take another bow. He then waves for the applause to quiet for a moment "Thank you all for your attention and participation in tonight's performance. Your patronage is welcome and appreciated, please leave coins or goods in the basket provided. Tegal's Mark has always been such a great place to perform, all of you are good and giving people and I also want to thank Zhan who owns and runs this great tavern for allowing us to come in and set stage for all of you. I bid you all Adieu and please, keep warm, the cold has descended" Talvin winks and once again the crowd begins to applaud in response to his reference.

OOC: This is where we will begin folks. We are going to assume that you were either at the Tavern during the play, walked in during it, or are entering the tavern directly following the play your choice.

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Re: Chapter 1: The Royal Flagon Presents....
I'm sitting quietly at table in the corner an think to myself "That sure was something stange." I then glance around the room to see if spot anything strange.
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Re: Chapter 1: The Royal Flagon Presents....
I am at a table  talking to anyone who will listen about my own tales."On the way here I had a run in with bandits. 6 no 10 of them." I take another large gulp of ale. "no match for me of course. BAHAHAHA"

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