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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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When creating your character's RTJ please follow the format provided below to help keep everything organized and easily accessible to the GM and other players for viewing. Thanks and I hope to hear from all of you soon! Have fun creating!

-Also, please feel free to take a look through the Questions and Answers & Gamer Rules thread for farther details while creating your RTJ.

(preferred character age group 20-30)
*Appearance:(Photograph and write as much as you want, brag if u feel it's needed)(5 sentence Min)
*Personality:(5 sentence Min)
*History:(5 sentence Min)
*Friends and Families: (Name and status -alive or deceased)
*Goal(s): Every person has something they strive for (even the laziest). Your character's "dreams" (like if they want to fly or something) apply here as well.
*Worse Fear: (mental and physical)
*Post color:
*Thought color:

Theme Song:

These are just the basics to help me know more about your character. So please provide details. From this I will be creating a back story for your other half. ;) So please don't hesitate to go all out on your back story. The more I know the more interesting your first lives will become.

-Anything with a * is mandatory!

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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Also, these questions are just something to help you and I get to know more about your character. Although optional, (so I am not expecting paragraph answers) but would really appropriate it if you take the time to answer each thoughtfully. It will be very helpful in creating your first life.

1. Which element would you associate yourself with? (light, dark, fire, water, wind, and earth.) Out of the six, what would embody you and why? Despite everything, which one would you want to control?

2. What's your favorite color and number? Why is that so?

3. What is the most memorable experiences within your character's life. (Possible the moment that had made your character so determined to not let go of the life they have now.)

4. Do you like music? If so, what kind? Do you play an instrument as well?

5. If you had to associate yourself with any kind of animal, what would it be? Why?

6. What is the worse, terrifying, hardship your character had been through? What has been their motivation or copping mechanism that has helped them over come these challenges?

7. On a scale 1-10, how much of a pacifist do you think you are? How would others rate you? 10 would mean that you are a complete pacifist.