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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Gamer Rules
 These are just common rules for the players of this game. They're simple and easy to understand so there shouldn't be much of an issue following them...
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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Re: Gamer Rules
 No Godmodding -For those of you who doesn't remember what that means. It's when a player is being unreasonably perfect in every way. Hope that no one would go, Mr/Mrs perfect. Everyone has flaws in the real world and no one is #1 -completely prefect. I hope you take this to note when creating your RTJs. No good RP ends well when we have to deal with this issue. Have flaws... Be Reasonable! Be human! XD

 Adult Contents -This is marked mature not adult. I really don't want to got that far... So let's just keep things at a minimum. Hope I don't see that being much of a problem in the near future...

  No One liners -I haven't had much issues with this in the past games. But just a heads up for when the game officially begins! I hope that posts could be more than a one liner. five to be called worth posting alright?

 I don't accept rudeness! -With that I give you all a warning. If there is ever any bad mouth, or rude remarks towards one another. Second time will be a warning but after three strikes, I will kick you out. Even if you explain that's how your character acts, there are still limits to how far it can go. Just play fair. It makes the game run more smoothly.

 Weekly posts - I know we all have things to do in RL but if you choose to participate in a game please remember that the game's speed is more or less dependent upon its players post. So the rules are fairly simple, at least one post a week at minimum to keep the story moving along. I will send out reminders if it's been over a week since your last post. But as a player, I would hope that once you choose to play a game you'd dedicate some time to it. Fellow players might be waiting on you and so if something does come up that may slow down posting for you please never hesitate to post in the Away Notice thread for everyone to know. -If the matter is more personal feel free to PM me privately with your concerns and when you plan to be gone/busy as well as plan to return.

  Play fair and have fun! -The most important thing is to enjoy the RP. I don't want to make anyone feel like they are forced in or out. So play Nice!

I myself are still trying to figure out good ways of running a fair game. So I'm just like you, learning along the way, please keep watch for updates ;)

-Again I appreciate every one of you for taking the time to look through the Gamer Rules! See you all in the game!

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