Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves.   Posted by Narrator.Group: 0
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Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves
The newly formed party spends the remainder of the evening feasting over drinks while telling old tales of adventures and getting to know one another. A list of desired supplies is created and provided to Tolfdir who promptly stuffs it in a pocket and then murmurs a few words under his breath.

After several hours, or for some several minutes they retire to their rooms to rest and prepare themselves for the journey. Upon awakening and rousing down to the common area, you are once again directed by Gundiholt to the private dining area. There you find another display of fine breakfast foods awaiting you. In addition, Tolfdir sits at the head of the table and next to him a young lady of twenty something winters dressed in autumn colored clothing.

”Greetings,” the wizard says heartily. ”I trust you found your accommodations sufficient. Gundiholt is known for the comfort and safety of his beds as well as the fine food he offers.” He motions you to take one of the empty seats and continues ”Once all have gathered, I shall introduce Myrah formally. For now have a seat, eat your last good meal, and enjoy the moment.” The female nods a silent greeting and brushes her auburn hair from her face.
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Re: Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves
Aleric bows as he approaches Tolfdir. "Good sir I thank you for your kindness and hospitality. You are most gracious and I look forward to set out of this mission. I have finished my morning prayers and I am prepared."

Aleric also bows towards Myrah and finds an empty seat as he prepares a small plate of food and waits for the others.
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Re: Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves
Calaron smoothly enters and nods greetings "Master Wizard Tolfdir, lady" and promptly eases into a seat. When appropriate he selects some breakfast and eats heartily. It was true, this would most likely be their last good meal for some time. With that in mind he carefully wraps a few small cheese wedges for enjoying at a later time.
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Re: Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves
"Adalwulf," the barbarian says gruffly before taking a seat at the table and breaking his fast.
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Re: Chapter 1a: Journey to the Caves
"Thank you," Gavina says, finding a seat.

Whether inadvertent or not, she does not state her name.