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Posting Guidelines
Read it, love it, live it

Posting Rates
 I should be able to do one or more posts daily, save for the weekends.  I'll generally give all players 24-36 hours to respond. This should be plenty of time to write a quick blurb about what your PC is going to do. However, I understand that life happens.  All I ask is for you to drop a post in the Absence thread to notify me that you'll be gone for a bit.  In addition, at times, I may take control of you PC to speed things up (e.g. combat).

Posting Content
 When posting in character, please try to keep it tame. Right now the game is rated G/PG-13 and I'd prefer to keep it that way. I realize that some swearing is innevitable, but do try and refrain from too much; I get enough vulgarity in my day to day life.  Also, no gory, detailed combat descriptions. It's fine to write out how your attack cleaved your opponent in two; but we don't need to know exactly where each bit of his entrails landed. Thanks.

When posting out of character, keep things civil. A simple debate is fine, but no arguments, insults or anything like that. Remember, it's easy to misconstrue the tone in a plain text message.  Just be nice ... Really.

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Posting Format
Posting Format
To make it easier for everyone, I'd like for some structure in your posts:

- Use orange for any OOC statements or questions.

- "Speech" should be in quotation marks AND in any color of your choice (except orange). Thoughts should be in italics.

- Please do not post your character's elaborate thoughts. Nobody will be playing a psionist (yet), and I'd like to keep it to actual actions and speech. However if you wish to post some minor words please do so in italics (see example post).

- Please try to post in third person context and the past tense; at least most of the time. If, if you wish to use the present tense (say, to emphasize the immediacy or speed at which your PC is doing something), feel free to do so.

- When attacking a creature or casting a spell please put the results in the post. If attacking with a weapon always include the to hit and damage rolls. Note: You can insert either of these as a private line if you wish to keep bonuses or spell effects hidden from other players.

- When posting roll results, please post the exact reason that you placed in the "Reason" line in the dice roller. Feel free to copy/paste the roll results OR just give me the final result - either is fine.  (Ex:  "Attack: 13")

- Please post OOC and actions/roll results at the very end of your post; in Orange!

Example Post:
Drako looked toward the horde of foul creatures spewing forth from the cave, By Torm's blade, he thought.  He quickly unsheathed his sword as he rushed toward the humanoids.  "Sythrik! Use a spell to smite them all!" he shouted to his companion as his blade cleaved into the shoulder of the first foe coming within reach.

OOC: Moving forward to attack.
16:11, Today: Drako rolled 18 using 1d20+3. To Hit.
16:12, Today: Drako rolled 11 using 1d8+4. Damage.

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Character Details
Character Details
Please choose an appropriate character portrait. I'd prefer no anime or goofy ones.

Please fillout the character description portion of your character details. At a minimum it should include physical appearance and any mannerisms that people would be able to discern after observing you for several hours to several days.

Finally, please make one of your bio-lines the following:

HP: current/max, AC: normal, THACO: base

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It's only a game.
Remember, this is a game, I am human and will probably make mistakes. I do not know every rule in the book and I may intepret the rules differently from others. That said, no rules lawyers please! As posted above, I respect the rules and I may respectfully house rule them. If you are strictly by the book, this game probably isn't for you.

Please keep in mind that your character may even die <gasp>! There's a reason, commoners aren't out looking dungeons; adventuring is a dangerous endeavor. In addition, I play intelligent foes intelligently. You must play your PC that same way and know when it is prudent to 'live to fight another day'.

This game is about exploring forgotten areas, killing and outsmarting foes, and taking their treasure. But most of all it's about fun! So please be kind to your fellow players, but don't feed the monsters.

Finally, we're all in this together. We make the game happen. Don't expect me to lead your around on a string or have bright arrows pointed toward your next goal.

So if you have an issue with a how I interpreted something, or how the game is going, or another player, then please contact me through a PM and we'll discuss it.

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