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AD&D Rules Related Q&A
When we roll stats can we assign the numbers to the stat we wish or are the stats in fixed order?

The player may arrange them as desired.

If we roll an 18 stat and have a +1 due to racial bonus can we add that 'extra' point to another stat or is it just lost?

The bonus is lost. The exception to this is Strength for the Fighter and its sub-classes. In this case the bonus would apply a +10% to the roll for exceptional strength.

Are the experience bonuses for charisma and for being human cumulative with the bonus from ability scores?


Does the experience bonus apply to new characters, or only to experience earned in the game?

Only to experience earned in the game.

Do magically enhanced stats count as qualifying for demi-human levels? So, for example, if I have a 17 in a stat and I get a +1 magic item that brings it to 18, can I then advance to the higher max level?

Unfortunately no. Only a permanent addition (say from a magic tome or a Wish spell) to the ability will increase the level limit.

Warlock/Templar fighter types can cast scrolls of magic user/cleric type. Can they also use magic items from those classes?

No, this is limited to scrolls only.

I notice you don't want to use the UA, but I was wondering if you'd allow adjustments to thieving skills based on armor?  (Leather is normal, no armor is a bonus, studded leather and elven chain a minus.)

Yes, Thief skills will be modified by armor types as detailed in Unearthed Arcana. Any class that is eligible to use a Thief skill(s) will benefit (or be penalized) for use of armor. This includes (assassins, barbarians, bards, monks, rangers, and thieves).

What guidelines do you have for selecting magic items?

The player(s) tells the DM the magic option they want; for example, 1 permanent and 1 single use OR 3 single use items in your case. The player(s) may also tell the DM what sort of magic items they are looking for (e.g. I'd like some form of magical protection, preferably armor, and a scroll). The DM will then provide the player with magic items.

Do you have a selection of deities in mind for the game, or are we free to invent our own?

In Progress, though open to ideas

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