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Mon 26 Jan 2015
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Request to Join (RTJ)
This game will be using the AD&D 1st Edition rules (without Unearthed Arcana). If you do not have a copy of these rules (print or PDF), then you may utilize the OSRIC ruleset. However, note that the AD&D 1st Edition rules supersede the OSRIC rules.

Per the Posting Guidelines, this game will be posting approximately 2-4 times per week, with 24-48 hours between posts.

In your RTJ please include the following:
  • Please tell me that you've read the Posting Guidelines
  • Whether you plan on using AD&D or OSRIC (important)
  • Your experience with this ruleset.
  • The type of character(s) you are looking to play
  • A brief writing sample "in character". It does not have to be for the character you wish to play.
  • Any other games you play in here on RPoL (optional).