The Broken Wheel Inn.   Posted by Storyteller.Group: 0
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Thu 13 Aug 2015
at 21:37
The Broken Wheel Inn
You stand opposite the Broken Wheel, hidden in the shadows in an alley accross the street. The tavern looks quiet tonight, but the sounds of the patrons can be heard within.
Hugh of Lewes
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Thu 20 Aug 2015
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Re: The Broken Wheel Inn
We stand there looking at the building, a typical locale for a certain standard of man at arms. I think upon Telo's attempts to obfuscate on the way here and stand impressed by his quick progress; I hope I prove to be such an able student. He certainly seems likeable, and we will be spending quite some time together. I must be sure not to be too taken with his easy manner, however; our kind can wear many masks.

So, an old soldier is who we are waiting for. Even taverns like this should be emptying soon. "We should wait and see if we can follow him - get an idea of his routines and bearing. If nothing comes of it, or he doesn't show, we can make our way to our temporary home and check our way in and out."

"Let us hope we do not have to wait too long!"

I take in the scene and see if I can note any different exits. One wouldn't want to miss him leaving...

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