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Deepdelve Setting
Located high in the Frost Ridge Mountains, Deepdelve is the old capital of the Dwarven Kingdom, the Western Reach. While the great deepdelve mine has never entirely played out, the vast gold and silver veins that were easily accessible have long since been extracted, and what mining happens there now has been occurring in the deepest levels of the great mine. The upper reaches of that mine have long since been converted to extentions of the city itself, some of the larger upper cavern complexes home to hundreds or even thousands of dwarves.

Perhaps it is one of the deep mining expeditions that started the trouble a few weeks ago. Some speculate that in their delving, they broke through into some sort of subterranean prison, or a network of caves occupied by evil denizens. Others suggest that the fiendish nature of some of the monsters suggests that they actually unleashed a portal to some sort of extraplanar hellscape. The exact particulars are not known, for no one from the deeper reaches of the mines has returned to tell the tale.

What have come are monsters. Some, minor nuisances, others major threats. Attempts have been made to turn them back, but the caverns are so extensive, and the number of creatures so apparently inexhaustible, that these efforts have only been partially successful. Bands of orcs and goblins have reached the streets of the surface city, and wrought great damage among the civilian population before the guards can put them down. Contact with many of the inhabited underground populations has been lost, and attrition amongst the Deepdelve military forces has been high.

There is talk, quiet now, but growing in volume each day, that the city itself may need to be abandoned. It has not been the capitol of the Western Reach for nearly three centuries, the mines output is negligible compared to its heyday, and the onslaught shows no signs of being held back or reversed.

A few brave parties of adventurers have set out into the depths, but they have not returned and are presumed lost. Unfortunately, such complete failure was not anticipated, and they took with them many valuable city resources, which are now lost as well. This was made abundantly clear when a fire started during one of the attacks burned the Civil Authority Building to the foundation, destroying, amongst other things, all of the official survey maps of the mines. When duplicates were looked for, it was discovered that they had been loaned to the adventuring parties, and consequently were lost as well.

Perhaps worst of all, the storm season has begun. The passes into and out of the city are inaccessible, and an evacuation now would result in great loss of life, especially amongst the more vulnerable.

Somehow, the situation needs to be turned around, before the city is lost, or its inhabitants succumb to the rising odds against them.

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On Female Dwarves
While the population of dwarves is skewed slightly male, it is nowhere near as skewed as outside reputation might suggest. Of live births, the rate is about 60% male, 40% female.

Dwarfmaids do sometimes have beards, and sometimes not. Unlike male dwarves, who are generally expected to have beards, there is no particular stigma to either state amongst the females. Dwaven females who do not grow beards naturally sometimes wear false beards as a matter of style or fashion. Likewise, some Dwarfmaids shave their faces, particularly during years of child-rearing, when long beards can be an annoyance.
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On Religion
This campaign doesn't take place in any particular gameworld setting. As a result, a clash of competing pantheons are fine. Commonly worshipped in Deepdelve you'll find:

Abadar - guardian and protector of the First Vault. Temples often double as banks. Popular amongst government officials and the wealthy.
Austri - Father of dwarves. He is worshipped at forges, crafting items of steel and mithral. Popular amongst crafters of all sorts.
Berronar Truesilver - Consort of Moradin, goddess of safety, truth, home, and healing.
Cayden Cailean - Often worshiped by those who reject the rigid lawfulness of the more favored dwarf gods. Despite the fact that he's a human deity, he is perhaps popular because of his association with fine alcohol.
Clanggedin Silverbeard - Dwarf god of battle. Quite popular amongst warriors.
Dugmaren Brightmantle - Deity of scholarship, discovery, and invention. Popular amongst engineers, gunslingers, and many gnomes.
Moradin - The eternal champion. Has a large and thriving priesthood. Popular with those of theological bent.
Torag - Father of Creation. World-forger. Protector of the Weak. Popular amongst warriors.
Ulaa - Goddess of Hills, Mountains, and Gemstones. Popular amongst miners.

These are hardly the only available deities, here's a good starting point if you're still looking:

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