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Races of Middle earth: HOBBITS

Hobbits have an unclear origin, although it appears they arose in the East, in the First Age, at about the same time as Men.  Indeed they are said to be related to Men.  Their habits, however, are unique: they burrow, dig, and reside in "hobbit holes" thus their name Kuduk which means hole-dweller (from ancient Rhovanion Kūd-dūkan).

Physical Character

Build/Coloring: Smallest of the speaking peoples, hobbits average between 2-4 feet in height, and tend to be fat, or pudgy.  They have large and hairy feet, to the point of being furry.

There are three principle varieties, or tribes of hobbits: the Harfoots, the Stoors, and the Fallohides.  The Fallohides are the tallest (males average 3'9" and 65 pounds, females 3'7", 62 pounds).  Both their skin and their hair tend to be fair, and no Fallohide ever grew a beard.  There numbers were always few, however.

The most common Hobbits are the Harfoots.  They are the smallest in size (males average 3'5" and 54 pounds, females 3'3", 51 pounds). They are brown of skin and hair, are uniformly beardless, and in all ways are the picture of the average hobbit.

Stoors are the stockiest of the Hobbit-folk, although they often appear shorter than the Harfoots because of their wide profile.  Generally, however, they are taller than the Harfoots and shorter than the Fallohides males average 3'7" and 66 pounds, females 3'5", 62 pounds).  Their coloration is also something of a compromise, although they have curly brown hair which resembles that of their shorter cousins.  Nonetheless, the most distinguishing features of Stoors are their large hands and feet, and their willingness to grow facial hair.

Hobbits have a surprising ruggedness.  When pressed, they can travel long distances, over rough terrain, despite the fact that their normal routine calls for frequent meals and much less traveling.

Height: Between 2 and 4 feet, according to their tribe, as mentioned above.

Lifespan: Average 90-110 years, although exceptional individuals have lived longer.

Resistance: Their feet are almost immune to heat and cold, accordingly they are almost always barefoot.  Their innate simplicity and innocent natures give them heightened resistance to magical attacks and poison.

Special Abilities:
Dexterous, they move nimbly and quietly. Their long slender fingers allow them to craft fine handiwork and help explain their reputation as excellent rogues.  They also have an excellent ability with slings and thrown weapons.  Hobbits, as mentioned, are naturally quiet, and if alone and not clad in loud metal armour, have an increased chance to surprise opponents.  Their sight is also excellent, and even in dim light they may see thirty feet well and up to sixty feet with fairly well.  They can also note the grade of a passage, up or down, with reasonable accuracy, when they concentrate on doing so.


Clothing and Decoration:
They wear linen or wool garb.  Shirts, pants which fall to the ankle, and brightly coloured vests for the males.  Females typically wear a blouse with a variety of sleeve treatments and knee or longer length skirts myriad of hues; in general hobbits are fond of happy colours.  They may wear hats, but seldom ever wear gloves or foot ware.

Fears and Inabilities: Hobbits shy away from the bizarre and unusual, disliking adventures, but otherwise their dispositions are normal.

Lifestyle: They are capable craftsmen, but are not friends of complex machines or magic.  Their vices are few: six hefty meals a day, pipe-weed smoking and bright apparel.  Still, in spite of this bucolic and insular lifestyle, the hobbits steady approach to life has proven successful; in the face of wars, plagues, and famines, they have survived relatively undisturbed.

Some Hobbits are curious enough to adventure a bit, and the Fallohides have produced a considerable number of rather bold individuals.  Each Hobbit tribe has its own favourite local: Fallohides enjoy the woodlands in cool northern climes; Harfoots favour hillsides and highlands; and Stoors prefer riversides and flat lands.  Accordingly, their preferences have an effect on their living patterns.  The conservative Harfoots have always had sites for their traditional smials, or hobbit holes, while the Stoors and Fallohides have begun relying on surface dwellings of wood, brick, or stone.

All Hobbits enjoy the simple life of farmers, millers, and craftsmen.  Work shops and sheds dot their territories, uniformly low structures, for Hobbits dislike towers and rarely build above the first story.

In the Shire (K. Sūza) the office of Thain and Master of Buckland, are hereditary.

Marriage Pattern: Monogamous, the Harfoots and Fallohides trace their line through the males.  Stoors trace their line through males or females.

Religion: Hobbit religion is exceptionally low-key and informal.  It is actually a series of joyful celebrations, centering on the gifts of Nature.  Midyears (mid-summers)is the time for the Summer festival, while the two Yule days, at the beginning and end of the year, mark the return of the Sun and the march towards Spring.  Harvest times, of course, are of special note.

Other Factors

Demeanor: Hobbits are basically cheery, conservative, unassuming and peaceful folk.  Ambition is not part of their makeup. Most are conformists who avoid the unknown and shun adventure, preferring instead to stay within the comforts of neat, humble villages.

Language: Hobbits speak their own, subtle variant of Westron, which is modern Hobbitish.  Enterprising Hobbits often learn Kuduk, the ancient Hobbitish tongue of Rhovanion.  Some learn Adunaic, Sindarin, or Northron tongues related to their own.

Prejudices: Fallohides are the most outgoing, and best relate to the Forest loving Elves.  Stoors get along better with Men than other Hobbits, while the Harfoots prefer to interact with the grim Dwarves.  All Hobbits share in their hatred for Goblins, Trolls and Wargs.

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Races of Middle earth: HOBBITS
HOBBITS: All Halflings have the following abilities:

STR -1, DEX +1

*CON bonuses verses Rod/Stave/Wands and Magic, and POISON as per the PHB.
*Natural throwing ability, +1 to Attack rolls when using slings or thrown weapons.
*Chance to surprise opponents per PHB.
*See thirty feet clearly in dim light, sixty feet fairly well.
*Determine grade of passage up or down 75% accuracy.
*Detect direction underground 50% accuracy.

HOBBITS cannot be Paladins, Rangers, Mages or Druids.