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Thu 29 Jan 2015
at 12:19
RTJ and House Rules
House Rules:

The usual basic stuff applies to posting. Don't dictate other people's actions, let me know if you're going to be absent a long time, pick a colour for your dialogue if you like but orange is for OOC comments, keep IC discussions IC and OOC discussions OOC.

Also, if you need me to do something, don't be shy about saying so in the OOC or by PM, I really don't mind. For some reason, occasionally RPOL doesn't notify me about PMs, so please bump them if I don't respond within a couple of days.

Any time your character changes threads please include an OOC line in the thread you are departing and the thread you are entering like so please:

In the thread you are leaving:   --> To Thread X

In the thread you are arriving in: > From Thread Y

Remember to be polite to one another and always exhibit patience. Rudeness will not be tolerated.

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The Intrigue
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 Patience is a virtue
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Thu 29 Jan 2015
at 12:24
Re: RTJ and House Rules
This Game will be set to be PL 8 with 120 pp. using M&M 3E ruleset.

RPOL username:


Epithet or Nickname:

Race: (Human - Earth, Non-terrestial Colony, Mutant etc...)


Description: Usual attire and physical appearance.

Personality: How they think and act.

History: Everyone has one.

Abilities/Powers: A basic outline of what your character's powers should be with some rough costings, details will be sorted out if the character concept is accepted.

What do you want out of this game? Character goals, plot ideas, grand plans etc...

Sample post: A paragraph or two for a flavour of your writing style.

I am generally very happy to discuss any rough character sketch ideas so this doesn't have to be too complete.