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Recap: The Fall of Paradise
It happened suddenly, and without warning.

The Crown Prince and his sister had descended from Paradise, visiting one of the surface nations and participating in a ceremonial role at the coronation of its newest King. Everything had seemed so peaceful, so routine and mundane. As the royal dignitaries finished their task, they'd boarded their shuttle and prepared to meet the descending city-state of Paradise, dropping below its normal altitude to meet the royals.

And then, tragedy.

Engines across the underbelly of Paradise, the very systems that kept the city in the sky, began to fail, some exploding in showers of fire and debris, others simply shutting off entirely. All to soon, the reality set in, as Paradise plummeted from its perch, crashing to the ground below. Within an instant, hundreds of thousands died. And soon, the report went out to the world.

The Phoenix Throne had fallen, the Emperor of the Ascendant Empire had been slain.

Yet, even as despair set in, even as the fate of the Royal line was in question, when Paradise's enemies descended upon it with cruel intent, hope was not lost. Those still loyal to the Phoenix throne rushed to the cities aid, forcing their way through the enemy in a bid to secure the safety of as many as they could. Similarly, the Crown Prince and Princess, having not been on Paradise at the time of its fall, had survived, and even then were rallying the survivors as best they could. Still, others, bolstered by the news that their beloved leaders still survived, fought all the harder to survive or sabotage the efforts to loot the city of its technology and resources. Though not all could be saved, Paradise and the Phoenix Throne would survive that terrible day, rescued and ushered to safety by the sacrifice of Fania, a nation known more for it agriculture than its military history.

Now, two weeks after the Fall of Paradise, Fania is readying itself for war. Though enemies of the Ascendant Empire have since remained silent, it is only a matter of time till conflict erupts across the world. Already, reports have come in that Ivax has descended into civil war, those still loyal to the Phoenix fighting viciously against the traitors.

As it stands, the Royal Family is left with only the meager might of an agricultural nation with which to mend the broken wings of Paradise.