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Armature Chassis
Scout Chassis:

OA-11 "Hornet": A chassis designed for reconnaissance, guerrilla tactics and long-range direct fire combat. The Hornet is lightly armored, relying mostly on its speed and agility to avoid damage. Equipped with an advanced radar/targeting system, is usually the first to enter combat zones, designating targets for allies and eliminating high-priority assets as they present themselves. The standard weapons load-out for the Hornet is a high-caliber long-range "Hawk" rifle and a wrist mounted razor-lance, used for close combat. It is capable of equipping most other standard firearms, however lacks the mounts for missile pods or other mounted weapons. The Hornet is the only Fania chassis to have boosters installed so as to allow boosting in all directions without impairment.

Assault Chassis:

AA-31 "Raptor": The main assault armature of the Fania military. This chassis is designed as the frontline fighter, and as such is meant to be as versatile as possible. Slower than the Hornet, but more heavily armored, the Raptor is the bread and butter, and is also the most common armature in use by Fanian pilots. Standard load-out is a "Raider" heavy assault rifle, a wrist mounted razor-lance and an eight-shot SRM launcher mounted to the right shoulder. The Raptor chassis has boosters installed along its back and sides, allowing for boosted movement forwards and in strafing patterns. It cannot, however, freely boost backwards.

SC-1M "Scimitar": The Ivaxian equivalent to the AA-31 "Raptor". The armature is built for the exact same role, fighting on the front line and remaining a versatile machine. Due to the Ivaxians more militant government, the Scimitar has a better generator and boost system, allowing for heavier armor to be used on the Scimitar while retaining the same measure of maneuverability as the Raptor. It's load out, however, remains the same.

CH-3V ("Chevalier"): The Chevalier is the "hammer" of the Ivaxian military. A model unique to assault squadrons, the Chevalier provides the "bulwark" of the Ivaxian vanguard. Heavier than the Scimitar, the Chevalier is equipped with a detachable tower shield meant to shield the assault aramature from ranged attack. It's primary weapon is a short-range autocannon, designed to inflict critical damage in close quarters combat. Secondary weapons include a shoulder-mounted SRM-launcher and a wrist-mounted razor-lance. Because of its relative tactical inflexibility the Chevalier is deployed only with support by Scimitar models. The combination can be devastatingly effective - typically involving fire support from Scimitars while Chevaliers close the distance and smash a pinned opposing force. Much like the Fanian "Raptor", the Chevalier is only equipped with forward and maneuvering boosters and cannot accelerate backward. It is roughly comparable in speed to the Raptor.

Heavy Chassis

IA-16 "Ballista": An indirect fire chassis. Mainly used as long range artillery support, the Ballista is heavily armored to withstand whatever pounding it might take due to its slow movement speed. Generally requiring a target to be designated before firing, the Ballista comes standard with a heavy artillery cannon replacing one arm, a wrist mounted razor-lance on the other, and twin LRM launchers, containing 24 missiles apiece. The Ballista has boosters installed only facing to the rear, forcing boosted movement forwards only.

BA-5I ("Basilisk"): The Ivaxian indirect fire platform. Much like the Ballista, it's heavily armored in order to withstand considerable firepower before its hull is compromised. The platform is strange, however, in that the only boosters present on the armature are present on the fore of the armor - designed such that the armature can quickly retreat to a safe distance should Ivaxian lines be pierced, avoiding making the Basilisk a tempting "soft target" for maneuverable assault mechs. It's leg joints bend in the same way a bird's would - allowing for greater shock absorbency while firing. These advanced stabilizing mechanisms allow the artillery platform to quickly fortify and recommence artillery support during these backward jumps. Curiously because of these modifications the Basilisk looks to be walking "backwards", especially during operational or non-combat movements when utilizing boosters. These combined oddities have led to the platform being referred to lovingly as the "chicken-walker" or "turkey" by its pilots. The weapons load out is identical to the Ballista.

Experimental Chassis:

No Current Information

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Weapons Rack
The Location for finding out what weapons are available. They are listed in ascending order within their categories, from weakest in overall capability to strongest.

Melee Weapons
Razor-Lances: Called such despite the fact they are more like bayonets in relative size and function, these melee weapons are mounted to and deploy from an Armatures wrist. Used mainly for finishing a downed Armature, they are considered the utility knife of the Armature world, although they lack any real power in comparison to more dedicated melee weapons.

Assault Rifles
"Raider" Ballistic Assault Rifle: Using the same technology one finds in the smaller ballistic firearms carried by the infantry, this assault rifle is still in relatively common use as a rugged and affordable weapon, although more advanced rifles provide far better range and firepower. Capable of single shot and burst fire modes.

Sniper Rifles/Anti-Armor Rifles
"Hawk" Long-Range Rifle: A classic sniper rifle, increased in size and power to fit that of an Armature. While it hardly has horizon to horizon capabilities, the distance is still fairly solid, with clear line of sight reaching just over five miles.

Arm Cannons
"Grizzly" 155mm Artillery Cannon: Designed to drop shells upon a target for massive destruction. The Cannon can reach out to touch targets nearly ten miles away given proper conditions, although the weapon is highly inaccurate unless given targeting data from a forward observer of some kind.