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Mon 9 Feb 2015
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Simple Rules that need to be followed:
1)God-modding is strictly forbidden. You are not an all powerful being, however much your character might think he is. Other people will most likely be superior to you in some manner or another, keep that in mind. If this becomes an issue, character death may occur rapidly soon after.

2)Respect: Always be respectful of other players. If there is an issue, please let me know and I will do my best to mediate as necessary. Similarly, respect other people's characters. You are only allowed control of your own character, and can not decide how another character reacts to your own.

3)Knowledge: Please keep in mind that what You know your character might not. As long as you can make the separation between the two, I'm happy.

4)This is a Mature game. People will die, things will bleed, and relationships may start. While I doubt it needs to be said, if things get hot and heavy, fading away to black is the right course of action.

5)Most of all, please enjoy yourself. If you feel something is taking away from the fun, let me know, and I will do my best to help. On that same note, if you have a particular event you would like your character to go through, or have a suggestion for how I can improve the experience overall, feel free to let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate. That is my job, after all.
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Mon 9 Feb 2015
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Re: RTJ/Rules
Required information for joining the game. Keep in mind that Fania has not seen war for hundreds of years, being a peaceful agricultural nation and under the protection of Paradise, and therefore, the characters, while Armature pilots, are likely to relatively fresh to waging war, regardless of their age.

Nationality: Fanian, Sawanan, Ivaxian or Paradisian(Others may be allowed under differing circumstances and well presented RTJs)

Personality: 3+ lines about what your character thinks and feels.

Appearance: 3+ lines about what your character looks like, how they hold themselves, what they can usually be found wearing.

History: 3+ lines about your characters life before the game. This is freely up to you, although it should include how your character came to join the military, and eventually become an Armature pilot.

Preferred Chassis: The chassis your character generally prefers to pilot. When allowed the choice(generally most of the time) this will be your characters default chassis, and can be changed in game at any time. New chassis can be designed and even stolen from other nations over the course of the game, and eventually characters will be allowed to modify their personal armatures beyond the standard load-out and chassis limitations.

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Thu 11 Feb 2016
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Required Characters
A small list of required characters, updated as needed:

-Laria Eld, 1st and Only Princess of the Phoenix Throne Royal Blood Line.