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This game is about roving over the lands of Middle Earth.  Details will be expanded upon once all the players are assembled for the game.  In part, we need to determine what kind of game/adventure all of us are interested in playing.  The theme around this game will be in the details around what is happening in Rhovanion in the years between The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The game is primarily The One Ring game system, set in Rhovanion.  In the early stages, we will not be adding supplemental material or unusual characters, running only from the cultures of the core book.

Player Requirements

1. This game will be rated mature, per the RPOL standards.  The intent is to keep the tone of Tolkien's works.

2. Players don't necessarily need to have The One Ring game system, though of course that will make playing much easier.  If you do not have it, you'll need to be willing to have your hand held and take recommendations/instructions readily.

3. Keeping the game moving requires regular posting. Submitting an RTJ means committing to 3 posts per week. Absences are allowed, and it's understood that Real Life happens; particularly during combat I prefer to try to maintain at least 1 round/day -- if you can't keep up with that, it's okay, as long as you don't mind your character going on autopilot to prevent the game from bogging down.

4. The intent here is for a long running game.  I've run play by email/post games for years, and I'd like to see what this could develop into.

4. Please submit a brief writing sample.  If I know you from another game, you can just reference that.

5. While some reasonable disagreements are fine, the goal will be to have a cohesive party of the free peoples.  Characters that are overly fond of betrayal, or even dedicated loners will really not have a place in this fellowship.

A line or two touching on these topics below would be great.

Items to include in your RTJ:

What is your experience with Middle Earth/Tolkien's works?

What is your rpg experience, both generally, and online/rpol?

Are you up for a long running (Real time and Game time) adventure?  What are some of the longest running games in which you are a player (generally, you don't need to name specific games)?

Do you have access to the The One Ring game system?  What is your experience with it?

What has your experience been role playing in Middle Earth?

Is there a general type of plot or game theme you'd prefer?

A character concept (or more than one)!  Doesn't need to be elaborate, a couple lines is fine, but I'd like to know what you'd like to play.  I want to put together a fellowship that will work well, and some concepts may work together better than others.

That's it, for starters.

Include, in your RTJ, very brief concept(s) of a character(s) you'd like to play, what that character's goals and personality might be.  As indicated in the game description, I am going for a theme in which the company assembled will be a driving force in the development of Rhovanion in the last decades of the Third Age.

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