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Mon 20 Jul 2015
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The Broadcryer - news coming out of Waterdeep
(A Broadcryer is what we would call a newspaper vendor, known for crying out the headlines from the many 'short scrolls' that are printed independently around the city)

"A delegation of Mages and Academics from Luskan are expected to arrive soon in Waterdeep to negotiate with the Lords over shipping rights and responsabilities. Rumour has it that they aare bringing a gift for the city, so they must be up to no good!"

"Grisly Murder! An innocent washer woman was dragged into the sewers by a former school master. Both reportedly disappeared under the dark waters not to be seen again although a human hand was found later that day in a grating. The school master has been identified as Tomach Greenfngers formerly of good standing and a native of Waterdeep. He had not been at work that day. A ring on one finger was identified as belonging to the missing woman. She leaves behind no family having been widowed last winter."
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Mon 3 Aug 2015
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Re: The Broadcryer - news coming out of Waterdeep
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"Three dead in cabbage poisoning, Dozens sick, more could die! At least one crate of cabbages has been found laced with rat poison and more could have been sold at this weeks market. Three ship's crew died and dozens are sick at the Wharf Tavern on Dockside today. The Magisters have no idea who is resposible."
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Mon 10 Aug 2015
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Re: The Broadcryer - news coming out of Waterdeep
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"Lord found with Courtesans Shocker! One of Waterdeeps Lords behnd the mask is reputed to have spent the entirity of last night with paid courtesans paid for from the public purse. Is this what we pay our taxes for?"
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Tue 8 Sep 2015
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Re: The Broadcryer - news coming out of Waterdeep
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"Orcs are coming! Have you noticed how many Orcs are on our streets? They are coming into Waterdeep, taking our jobs and threatening honest working people. Something must be done!"