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Campaign Set Up
Let's start with our campaign.

First of all some requirements for al PDMs:
  • Commitment: We will dedicate ourselves to a long game run. We all have our real lives to take care of (I have a wife, 3 kids and run two companies) but if you are here, you have decided (or concluded) that RPG is one of your main entertainment options and an activity you really love enough to dedicate hours a week. So we all expect that the other PDMs will also dedicate some time to this project, for a long time.
  • Material: 5e main books: Player's, DMG, Monster Manual (pm me if you do not have one of them, I might have a solution)
  • Team Player: This will only work if all PDMs are very easygoing persons, and willing to allow room for others to win, from time to time. It is absolutely mandatory that we respect and help each other.

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Sun 1 Mar 2015
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Our objective is to create a cooperative campaign world where we can have fun developing it and surprising the others.

Maybe sometime in the future, when it is suficiently developed, we may even start creating adventures for external players, that happen in parallel and simultaneously, in a way that different groups of DM/players can effectively interact with each other.

So imagine this as the creation of a Massive Multiplayer RPG run in forums.

Based on the rules from the DMG about world creation, 'Master of Worlds', we will develop our campaign world. But we will also have some rules of ourselves.

  • Divide and Conquer: Each PDM will be responsible for one part of the world, literally. It may be cities, regions of a continent or even a whole continent. But we will start one step at a time, so no panic, yet.

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Wed 4 Mar 2015
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Magic in the world will be limited

  • Magic existence is known to the common folk, but most have not seen it up close
  • Magic users are uncommon, but not unheard of, most kingdoms and large cities will have one or two magic user residents.
  • Magic items are rare, most are stuff of legend, early adventurers (1st-5th) will have one or maybe two items.
  • There are a few traders of magic/alchemical ingredients and very rare individuals that trade magic items.

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Wed 4 Mar 2015
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Player Character: As we build the world, obviously there will be tons of NPCs that we will create. But each PDM will have one, and one only PC. What is the difference? Well NPC may be created by a specific PDM and run mainly by him/her, but any other PDM can also play with the NPC. It/he/she becomes part of the campaign mythos.
  • The one and only PC will be exclusively run by the PDM who created it
  • Unique as life itself, you do not get a chance of changing it later. For as long as a PDM is part of the game the PC will exist and if for any reason a PDM leaves the game, the PC will die.
  • Growth will be a constant for the PC, who will have to earn its levels. The PC will grow to 20th level and become one of the main characters of our world.

17, 16, 15, 13, 13, 13

All races, but monstrous races WILL be subject to prejudice AND suspicion and they should NOT be "window-dressing on a block of stats".
To be clear, here are the non-monstrous races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Gnome

All classes

Starting PCs
  • 1st level
  • memories from their past are fuzzy, can't name locations or persons.
  • remember their training and skills.
  • only basic class required equipment with NO supplies. This means no backpack to start. Only what can carry or have on belt pouches or scabbards, including spellbooks.

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Wed 4 Mar 2015
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  • 1 SUN
  • 1 MOON
  • FAINT RING around ERIS



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Wed 11 Mar 2015
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Gods of Eris
Eris has a Loose Pantheon of gods, permeated by a few mystery cults and forces who also give powers to mortals.
Gods are very much real, each which its own personality.
They quite frequently wage war or mischief amongst them.
Gods rarely meddle in mortal affairs, but from time to time they are known to take corporeal form and walk the land.
They bestow powers over their chosen ones, who must abide by their ethos in order to continue using them.
Although it is almost unheard of, mortals can become gods or 'god like'.