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Character Generation
Check with the GM, but the following will generally be available options for character creation.

Standard roll: (roll 4d6 dropping the lowest die) six times and arrange attributes as you desire [Rolls would need to be done on the RPOL roller]
Standard set: (15,14,13,12,10,8) Instead of rolling take the numbers given and arrange as you desire [this is really a simpler case of the point buy below]
Point Buy: You have 27 points to buy attributes see the standard table.

I'm thinking about defining an option that is 'more' random.  After reading a article about why rolling and then arranging your attributes in the order you want actually gets rid of one of the neat aspects of the random aspect.  Being given something arbitrary that you then figure out how to make a character fit into it.  It would probably be roll STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, Extra in order using 4d6 dropping the lowest die.  You would then have the option to swap any single pair of scores of your choosing.

Races and Classes:
 Ones found in the Basic set (downloadable), the Players Handbook, and at least tentatively, the Players Options book for the Temple of Elemental Evil (downloadable)

Presume we will be starting out all characters at 1st level.  What your actual key interests can certainly be discussed and options allowing accelerated advancement is potentially available.  Part of this game is to have a chance to experience 5th edition, and the early levels are still a part of that.
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Mon 23 Mar 2015
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Re: Character Generation
One potential issue with solo campaigns... having only one character can make for a single target which can be a potentially severe disadvantage, allowing you to potentially get overwhelmed, overrun, or potentially fail a single saving throw which would incapacitate you for long enough to lose.  I'm not sure I will define the best solution for all cases for this, but I think in most cases it makes sense for our player not to be travelling alone.

Options can range, but provide an option to help our heroes survive their encounters.  Options range from giving you a cohort.  An NPC which would be a loyal friend and/or follower whom would be traveling with you.  In a case like this, I would be open to you playing both your primary PC and the cohort.  Otherwise, you could also add to your rank with henchmen or hirelings.  Additional options would be to have trained animals or beasts with you that are capable of helping to defend you.

If the nature of the character is too much of a loner, that a companion isn't likely to make sense, I may need to make that a consideration when I choose challenges.  Let me know what your feelings are for this in respect to your setting.