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House Rules
In this thread you will find house rules and themes that will probably be a consistent part of all the stories in this game.  Some things may be negotiable, so there may be other details in specific settings or individual arrangement with people which might over-ride something specified here, but those would be made clear elsewhere.  Some things listed here might be listed as optional, but has for convenience placed here with these other rules.
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Thu 19 Mar 2015
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Starting House Rules
From the Dungeon Master's Guide, I plan to probably consistantly use the following sets of optional rules
 + Healing kit dependency
 + Slow natural healing
 + Lingering injuries
 + Massive damage
 + Morale checks*
 [* will likely use these]

I will also likely implement some sort of basic grievous wounds rule.  Making critical hits and potentially sneak attack damage harder to heal.
 + Grievous wounds [this wounds heal slower than usual]

While I think the rules without any of the optional rules above would do a wonderful job of creating an environment that might be somewhat like any number of action games on a computer, I feel that the more gritty feel and potential mortality of wounds is more consistent with what I would think of as a fantasy novel genre.

I don't have any plans to use either the sanity or honor ability scores.

I'm contemplating using the proficiency dice option.

I might consider the speed factor option for initiative, but may not... Maybe best to try regular play that way first.  Effectively all the options affecting wounds is probably plenty of changes.  This would probably be over complicating to start with.

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Mon 23 Mar 2015
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Re: Starting House Rules
Healing Kit Dependency
  To spend HD to recover hit points over a short rest requires the application of treatment with a Healing Kit.  Other magical explicit magical means can also be used to trigger healing.  [so you can use a healing kit to treat wounds, or if you have a healing potion, you may drink it]  In either case, the application of the healing methods is enough for you to trigger rolling HD to heal HP naturally.

Slow Natural Healing
  You don't automatically regain all HP over a long rest.  Instead, you can use a long rest to trigger rolling HD to recover HP damage.

Lingering Injuries
 Failing death saving throws and/or taking massive damage from a single source, and we may throw in Critical hits.   May cause injuries with more lasting effects.  We may use the chart in the DMG, or may develop something else.

Massive Damage
 Taking damage equal to over half your Max HP can result in an incapacitating wound.

Morale Checks
 Many NPCs will more than likely not fight to the death.

Grievous wounds (not a standard 5th edition rule)
 Critical hits will likely be categorized as Grievous Wounds.  This damage will effectively reduce the individuals MAX HP.  However, it will not stack with other Grievous damage.  (so your max HP is reduced by the largest Grievous wound you received)  MAX HP damage will heal more like Attribute damage, 1hp per day (irregardless of character level).

All of this makes combat a little more dangerous over time than perhaps your typical 5th edition battle, but I think it makes for a slightly gritty flavor to a novel, than the more interactive game flavor that the default combat rules for 5th edition gives you.

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