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Thu 19 Mar 2015
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Settings of the Many Known Universes
This thread will contain information about more specific settings that may have been created or started.  Specifics about how things would be handled in that particular setting would be included here in the topics under this thread.
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Thu 19 Mar 2015
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Kingdoms in the Clouds and Beyond...
Floating ships and rafts solid clouds and fantastic creatures.  A world where many might be likely try to disbelieve things that are very real in this world.  Taking some from the genre introduced to us in Spelljammer games, this universe could bring you giant floating narwhales and a gargantuan sky-tortoise.

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Mon 23 Mar 2015
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The Shattered Sphere..
A once prosperous world, broken by a massive magical cataclysm of planar proportions.  Now the remnants of their once proud world float separated apart from one another.  The core of the sphere seems affected perhaps enveloped in part by the plane of shadow.  Rumors of other planes having spilled into and affecting some of the fragments of the world.

Some fragments have means of travel to other fragments.  These methods might range from simple flight between them, to strange rivers, or even seas which seem to span and wind between nearby fragments.  Not all these rivers or seas however are water, some being sand, silt, or ice for instance.