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Norwood Books
Set a ways away from some of the messier shops and the hustle and bustle of the food stalls at the center of the market square, is a quiet-looking two-story building with a large front window and glass doors on either side. A red and black sign over the door on the right reads "Norwood Books."

Inside is a large, cozily lit room with dark-stained hardwood floors. The walls are lined floor to ceiling with shelves full of books of all shapes and sizes, and more of them are stuffed into rows of long wooden bookcases in the middle of the room. Some of the books appear clean and untouched, others are old and well-worn. Soft, soothing music plays in the shop, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere.

There is a long wooden counter next to the glass door on the left, with a small cluttered desk and chair behind it. The proprietor, Aaron Norwood, is usually behind this counter when the shop is open. He is short and compact, just over five feet tall, and looks surprisingly young for a bookshop owner. His shoulder length dark brown hair frames a round, friendly face with twinkling light brown eyes.

Hidden behind the bookcases in the back of the room is a comfortable sitting area, its boundary marked by the start of a large, dark green rug. A sofa and several armchairs are arranged around an oval coffee table. There are lamps at each end of the sofa, and a beautiful painting of a sunlit seaside cliff hangs on the wall above it.

There are closed doors on either side of the sitting area. The one on the left has a small white sign that reads "powder rooms" and the one on the right is unmarked and locked.