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Sat 5 Dec 2015
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Pophar's Estate - Carriage House
The Carriage House is to the right of the main manor house of Lord Pophar's estate. The building is large enough to house half a dozen mount-sized animals and two carriages, and has a dirt yard in front with a low fence around it.

-= from Pophar's Estate - Second Floor: Jezper Emberson =-

As Jez approaches the carriage house, he sees one of the horse-sized ants he saw before, and six saddled aneens. Three people dressed in black armor are standing near the aneens, talking to two of the stable hands who had been taking care of the ants.
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Mon 7 Dec 2015
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Pophar's Estate - Carriage House
Jez is decidedly in a hurry to leave this cursed mansion. It's now pretty obvious that most people in the manor are onto him. That said, the one place he hadn't explored until now was the carriage house. Perhaps he could convince the stable hands to give him an aneen or ant creature before they found out.

He continues his run towards the stable hands, although at more of an "I'm in quite a hurry" pace as opposed to his present "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" sprint.

"I've been sent on urgent gardening business in town for Master Pophar," he says in an important voice as he pulls up in front of the nearest stable hand. "Quickly, which of these can I take, kind sir?"
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Wed 9 Dec 2015
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Pophar's Estate - Carriage House
The stable hands and armor-clad people stop talking to each other and turn to look at Jez, then look at each other.

"If it's urgent, he'll need a fast mount," says one of the stable hands, looking at one of the armored men. "Taymullah, could he borrow one of your aneens?"

"I don't see why not," replies Taymullah. Glancing at the aneens, he picks out one of them and holds out the reins to Jez. "Here, this one is Bessie. She's our fastest."

"There's a bit of trouble at the front gate," says the other stable hand, peering in that direction. The big blue guy and the man mounted on one of the giant ants are approaching the carriage house, surrounded by other ants. "You might want to go around to avoid all those ants. But we'll make sure to get the gate open for you when you get there."

"Oh, and welcome to Lord Pophar's," says the first stable hand, emphasizing 'lord' in a correcting tone. "He's one of the finest lords to work for in Trincal, and I'm sure you'll have no trouble fitting right in with us as our newest gardener."
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Thu 10 Dec 2015
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Pophar's Estate - Carriage House
"Lord Pophar, right!" Jez nods vigorously, not quite sure how he had pulled off his bluff.

He leaps onto the aneen and spurs it into action, his days of travelling and acting by aneen-back in the Wandering Sun Troupe paying off handsomely. Charging towards the gate, he sees the blue man that the others he had met earlier were looking for, walking beside a man on a giant ant. The look on the poor blue fellow's face tells volumes of his current predicament.

Impulsively, Jez decides to tempt fate further. He had much experience in balancing on aneens; one of the Wandering Sun Troupe's most recent offerings, The Aeon Ranger, involved a standing fight between 5 people on aneen-back. Surely lassoing the stricken blue guy wouldn't be much different.

He quickly pulls a rope out of his pack and forms a lasso, flicking it with practised ease towards the blue man as he rides by.
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Sat 12 Dec 2015
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Pophar's Estate - Carriage House
The lasso flies out toward the confused-looking blue giant...

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