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General Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to Numenera: Meanwhile in Jargolamis. :) For Chapter Two of this game that has been ongoing for the last year and a half, I'm looking for a new group of players that will start in the city of Jargolamis. It's a thrice weekly game that updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday/Sunday.

How to Join
  1. Please peruse the sampling of IC game threads available from Chapter One. You're not required to know all the details of the plot that occurred before your character begins play, but having an idea of my GMing style and the roleplaying style of the other players already in the game will help you decide whether you would enjoy playing here, and with this gaming group.

  2. If you like what you see, Request Access to the game with a character concept and a writing sample.
    • Character Concept: You are an adjective noun that verbs, and you are somehow involved in the construction of the second skyway between Jargolamis and Luigolamis that Limech is building. (See page 162 of the core book for details.) You may use items from the two Character Options books as well as the core book.

    • Writing Sample: please link some other games on that you are involved with, which demonstrate your ability to roleplay and write. Be sure to include who you play and, if the game is large, recommend some threads where your character(s) appear(s). If you have no posts in Group 0 of another game, please submit something that you have written.

  3. If I like your writing and roleplaying style, we will finetune your character concept to fit the game. Then I will add you to a discussion thread where you will work out character connections with at least two of the other new recruits, and at least one of the characters that played in Chapter One.

  4. You will then write a detailed backstory that takes into account the connections you've worked out and fill out your character sheet (copy/paste the template from the Character Sheet Template thread).

    The backstory should explain who you are, what you do, what motivates you, and how you came to be that way. It should describe the key events of your personal past that have influenced your present activities and shaped your personality and outlook on life. It should not be simply a timeline with dates and events. Character backstories must be at least 250 words and must make sense. All of your stats must be explained in detail and be consistent with the rest of the story.

Formatting Guidelines for Posts
  • Please do not use orange, brown, or bold to color your dialogue. Put quotation marks around all dialogue, whether you use color for them or not.
  • Use the "post reply" button at the bottom right, not the ones on individual posts, for IC threads.
  • Do not use the "quote" feature for IC posts. If you really must quote something from someone else's post, it should be in brown. Example:

    Other Character's Name: blankety blankety blank.

  • Any OOC comments in an IC thread should be in orange. Only short OOC comments of direct relevance to the IC activity should be in the IC thread. Extensive OOC comments should be posted in the OOC thread, not in the IC threads.
  • Telepathy and dialogue thoughts should be in  italics.
  • Attempts at mind control should be in bold.
  • If you must use <pre> tags within your post, please make certain that there are no more than 80 characters per line (including spaces). As an alternative, consider using <tt> tags instead, wherever possible.
  • Do not include smileys in any IC post.
  • Do not use asterisks to emote things in any IC post.
  • Any dice rolls, stat changes, use of specific abilities, etc should be posted into the IC post as a private line (PL).
    • For dice rolls, use the Reason For Roll box to state the purpose of the roll and the specific stats used in the roll that might modify the difficulty. Only items stated in the dice log will count toward the roll result.
    • Please keep a running tally of your might/speed/intellect pools, recovery rolls used, etc. within PLs whenever something changes. It is helpful to note all stats each time, even if only one thing changes. Include your current number, your permanent number, how many you are adding or subtracting at the time of the tally note, and for what purpose.
  • Don't use ] inside of PLs. The site looks for the first ] it sees as the end of the PL, and anything beyond that point will be visible to others.
  • If your entire IC post is a PL, either send it to the appropriate person via Private Message (PM) instead, or write at least a sentence for everyone else to read and enjoy. Under no circumstances should there ever be posts where the entire public portion says nothing but "PL" or "PM."
  • Please re-use old PM threads instead of constantly starting new ones. You as one player may not think you have a lot of them, but the GM sees every PM thread in the game, and it gets unwieldy very fast...
  • Be aware that game GMs can read and reply to all PMs in their game(s), even ones that are not addressed to them. I do plan to read everything in this game; as the GM, I am held responsible for all of the content in it. In general I won't interfere in your conversations with each other unless one of you specifically asks me to step in, or the conversation violates the RPoL ToU.

Writing Guidelines

This is a General Audience game. That means no excessive gratuitous violence, sex, cursing, etc.

Most posts should be about a paragraph in length. A paragraph is at least three sentences. Please put some effort into proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. A blank line should separate each paragraph to make for easier reading.

You're welcome to wax poetic for longer than a paragraph if something emotionally significant is happening for your character, but please don't do that for every single post. The last thing I want to see is people trying to outdo each other on length and/or writing quality, because all that does is cause everyone to stop posting due to too much pressure. So, don't do that. :p If you ever wonder about how you're doing on writing quality, just remember: everyone thinks they suck except for the people who actually suck.

On the flip side, posts that are less than one complete sentence make me sad, so don't do that either.

  • Do not play other people's characters. You may not make them talk, think, feel, move, or act in any way, unless you have their permission to do so in advance. This includes NPCs.
  • Do not assume that other people's characters will NOT talk, move, and/or act in response to things that your character does/says. Do not write past the points where they might reasonably want to react to something without giving them the opportunity to respond.
  • In general you are free to add minor NPCs or setting elements for flavor purposes, and continue developing them as you'd like. However, check with the GM before you make up descriptions or behaviors for settings, NPCs, and items that you didn't introduce to the game (via your backstory, etc.).
  • Play your character the way they are meant to be played. Have them say and/or do the things that they would actually say or do. Do not play according to what you think the GM wants to see happen, as your guess is probably wrong; if I wanted to plan something in particular I would approach you in PMs about it beforehand, and we would work it all out before it ever appeared IC.
  • Lengthy complex combat scenes will be run OOC in a special combat thread, and I will post a summary of what happened in the IC thread, probably after each completed round.
  • Write in third person. I default to present tense. Past tense is also acceptable.

Anyone in a scene with other players who hasn't posted by the time I write my updates (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday), and hasn't said anything to me about it, will be assumed to be doing nothing.

Character Advancement

In this game, you may spend XP for benefits only (immediate, short-term, and long-term). You advance to the next tier when I tell you to, and at that time you'll pick out the four options described on p.112 without spending XP for them.

Please keep the logs at the bottom of your character sheet up to date.

A Note about Timekeeping

Each day in the game is 28 hours long. Dawn is at 07:00. Noon is 14:00. Dusk is 21:00. Midnight is 28:00/0:00.

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