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Character Creation
You are a valued crew member. Welcome. We will make every effort to ensure that your waking experience is as pleasant and uneventful as possible within Mission compliancy standards.

The SS Janus accepts applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and life experiences. Applicants must have a clean criminal record, or a valid Memory Wipe on file with a certificate of behavior rehabilitation.

In accordance with Global Unified Government  policy, we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, mutation, or A.C.T.M. (Artificial Cybernetic Trans-human or Meta-Conscious) status.

Accepted Species:
Stasis and EPIPHANY sub-systems are optimized for Humans and near-humans only. However, there have been major advancements in Stem cell research and bio-engineering during the past several hundred years, and we are able accommodate a wide range of extra-humanoid abilities. Whether your biological mutations have given you telepathy or telekinesis,  or whether you have cybernetic implants that increase your strength beyond normal human capabilities - we welcome your contribution to the team. (Required Legal Notice: your insurance provider may not cover damage resulting from extra-humanoid implants and augmentations).  If your biological brain has been replaced with an artificial intelligence unit, please be aware that you will still require sleep within the EPIPHANY system in order to stabilize certain psychological abnormalities that may arise over extended periods of wakefulness.

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Crew Application Form
Short Character Biography (2-5 paragraphs preferred):

Psychological Profile:
  1. What are you good at?:
    System: List any number of abilities, divide 15 points between these abilities with a maximum of 5 points in any one ability.
  2. What are your weaknesses?:
    System: List any number of weaknesses, divide 10 points between these weaknesses with a maximum of 5 points in any one area.
  3. What do you care about? (Your hopes and dreams):
  4. Who was important to you on Earth?:
  5. What was your favorite place on Earth?:
  6. What are some of your fears?:
  7. What is something you regret?:
  8. Do you have any special relationships with other crew members?
    For example, someone you consider to be a mentor or an apprentice. A loved one, a best friend, a confidant etc. Although many crew members have never met each other in real life, EPIPHANY is a shared dream state and it would be possible to develop strong relationships purely within the dream. It is also possible to have a connection that pre-dates the launch of the Janus, such as having a spouse or child included in the crew roster, or perhaps a childhood best friend you hadn't spoken to in years. Anything is possible.
  9. Pick one special “extra human” ability (optional):
  10. Pick a flaw associated with your ability (or leave it blank for GM control)
  11. What is the origin of this ability?:
    For example, a cybernetic implant, a genetic modification, reaction to the EPIPHANY subsystem, contact with an alien creature or AI, etc. Please keep in mind that this is a science fiction setting, so you should keep your explanations within genre.

====== Example Abilities, Professions =========

Extra-Humanoid Abilities

All characters should be human. However, the game is set in a futuristic society where genetic enhancements and cybernetic implants have expanded the definition of what it means to be human. For example, you might have a sub-dermal implant that allows your skin to change color like a chameleon, or perhaps your genetic code was modified before birth to give you visions of the future. It is also possible to experience strange side effects from prolonged exposure to the EPIPHANY system, where your character will be spending hundreds or even thousands of years in stasis. It is worth noting that since many of these modifications are experimental and we do not fully understand how EPIPHANY effects the human brain over time, every special power has potential side effects.

  1. Prophetic Vision - You receive occasional visions of the future during EPIPHANY, or with great concentration during your waking life.
  2. Clairvoyance - You can project your senses into a distant location.
  3. Object Reading - You can collect stray data connected to objects and “read” that information in the form of hallucinogenic visions.
  4. Spirit Vision - You can see and talk to ghosts. This does not prove the existence of an afterlife. A “ghost” might simply be a left over energy signature that, for whatever reason, your character is able to interact with. Or it could be an afterlife of some sort - it is really up to perspective.
  5. Enhanced Strength - You are capable of performing feats of strength that would be impossible for an ordinary human. For example: lifting a large steel girder, or opening a sealed door with sheer finger strength.
  6. Transformation - You have biological or cybernetic implants that allow you to transform your body in some specified way. Perhaps you can alter your facial features, or you can grow sharp claws and teeth. Perhaps you can contort your body to escape shackles and slip through extremely tight spaces. Pick something that fits your character concept.
  7. Or make your own. Subject to GM approval.

Note: Special abilities should begin small, and have the capacity to develop over time. For example, if you want to have visions of the future these visions will be murky and indistinct at first, perhaps coming with an intense migraine headache. Later, these visions might become more potent, or you might experience deja vu during intense situations, allowing you to ‘react’ to generally unpredictable events before they happen. These powers are storytelling devices that will help to build a more complete and interesting universe. They are not meant to be god-like abilities that provide major advantages.

Characters who do not want to start with a special ability might develop one as the game progresses, or they might discover other interesting perks associated with their background, skills, and so forth that give them a special edge. Having a special “super” power is not required.

Sample Professions:
The Mission is large and nebulous. To be successful, people from many different backgrounds and life experiences will be needed. You can pick almost any profession and have it make sense for this game. However, I would encourage you to think about why your character believes he or she was chosen for the Mission, (whether or not they are correct in their guess). I would also encourage you to think of a profession that you would find interesting and engaging to play in this setting. For example, I will probably give an engineer more plot elements dealing with the structure and maintenance of the ship itself, exploring long-forgotten corridors and repairing devices that keep the rest of the crew alive etc. However, if you want to play the ship counselor, i might give you more sub-plots dealing with the crew's psychological issues and interacting with strange alien races or artificial intelligence programs. Pick what you think would be fun to play. And if you have a strong preference for certain types of plot lines -- let me know that too! I am open to exploring anything, and picking a certain profession will never exclude you from interacting with something that you find interesting.

Here are some sample professions. Feel free to use one of these as a jumping off point, or make your own.

  1. Engineer
  2. Combat Specialist
  3. Diplomatic Ambassador
  4. Geologist
  5. Archaeologist
  6. Biologist
  7. Religious Leader
  8. Physician
  9. Janitor
  10. Psychologist/ Counselor
  11. Reporter
  12. Artist
  13. Child of someone important back on earth ( ie - a corporate CEO)

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System Information
Regarding the System: This game is primarily free form. Dice rolling is not planned to be a major factor in the course of events. However, there are some situations where I believe it is more interesting to leave things to chance. Moments of great risk, or potential great reward, where adding a touch of risk makes the scenario more fun. However, I do not want to ask anyone to be familiar with a single system, nor do I want to modify an existing system to this unique home-brew setting.

So, this is what I am proposing. Please PM me if you have other suggestions, and I reserve the right to tweak this system over time if we find that it is not working for any reason.

  1. We use a d20 system, with a base 10 difficulty (50/50 chance of success).

  2. If you have an ability that would make a given roll easier, we subtract the number of points you have spent in that skill from the target number. For example, if you are trying to creep across a thin metal beam swaying over a looming chasm on an inhospitable alien world, and you have an "athletics" ability of 3, then you would subtract 3 from the base difficulty of 10 to get a new difficulty of 7.

  3. If you have a weakness that would impact the situation, we will simply add that number to your target difficulty. For example, in the same situation if you had the weakness "clumsy" at 2 points, we would add 2 to the base difficulty of 10 to get a new difficulty of 12.

  4. Roll a single d20, aiming for your target number.

  5. I may sometimes modify the base difficulty if the task is especially challenging or particularly straightforward. However, if a task is meant to be easy, I probably won't ask for a roll. If you take special measures to help make the task easier, or if there are circumstances that make a task harder, I will also take that into account.

  6. The goal of the game is not to kill any players. If your character is badly hurt, just make sure to roleplay it. There may be consequences to being badly injured, but those consequences are probably not death unless you and I both agree to it. As such, I don't really see the need to keep track of health in a systematic way.

Again, this is a suggested loose system. Please feel free to make suggestions, but remember that the goal is to keep the game light, nimble, and without any need to know an existing system. I don't want anyone to worry about tables or charts or anything like that. I don't think it will be necessary. If you don't like something I am doing with your character, PM me and we'll chat about it. I am here to make a fun experience for you, and I consider players and storyteller to be partners in this collaborative endeavor.