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Wed 15 Jul 2015
at 02:15
EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
The golden rays of the setting sun spill across a weathered and cavernous landscape, dotted with towering mountain spires, and deep canyons that have sat untouched for thousands of years. Darshan has been walking along a narrow pathway cutting through the ancient mountain gorge for the past hour or more, as the sun sinks lower and lower on the horizon.

The path had become increasingly narrow as he walked. Now, approaching the midpoint of his journey, the orange-red rock face presses in on either side, leaving only a tight passage to squeeze through as the gorge follows the path of a winding, shallow river bed. It was impossible to walk without getting wet, and the turquoise water comes up to Darshan’s ankles. Here and there, something silver and long darts by, eager to be on its way.

Darshan had been here before, during a previous shift. He knew that the gorge emptied into a ruined alien village built into the side of the mountain range. Why EPIPHANY had brought him here, however, was anyone’s guess. At least it was pretty.

In the peaceful quiet of the approaching evening, a strange sound comes from further ahead on the path. It is difficult to make out at first, but after a few moments, Darshan realizes that it is the halting, sniffling sound of a child crying.
Darshan Basu
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Sat 18 Jul 2015
at 01:39
Re: EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
Darshan waded slowly down the middle of the stream, careful to keep his footing over the slippery rocks. His feet had gone numb from the cold, but this was countered by the warmth of the sun on his back, at least until it set fully behind him. It was quiet. The breeze was gentle. He was at peace.

As he moved along, steadily approaching the abandoned village ahead of him, it was impossible to miss the crying of a child. Darshan started moving faster, still trying to keep his balance on the rocks, but wanting to reach the child and find out what was wrong.
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Mon 20 Jul 2015
at 07:18
Re: EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
As the sun dips below the horizon line, the temperature drops rapidly and the sky takes on a deep red and purple hue. All around, the darting, silver shapes in the water begin to light up with bioluminescence, casting the walls of the gorge in shades of lilacs, reds, and green.

The tight passage continues for another 70 feet or so, following the corkscrew path of the river. Then abruptly, it opens up into a wider part of the canyon that is dominated by a tall waterfall, cascading down from somewhere high above, to form the river that Darshan had been navigating. The towering rock face surrounding the waterfall is filled with hundreds of carved stone buildings and narrow stone stairs that look extremely weathered and dangerous to traverse.

In the rapidly fading light, Darshan can make out the form of a child sitting alone near the waterfall. It appears to be a girl, 9 or 10 years of age, with pale brown skin and braided black hair. She is holding tightly onto some kind of stuffed animal, and looks up when Darshan enters the canyon. “Is somebody there?” she asks to the air, sniffing back another sob and continuing to clutch the stuffed animal.
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Tue 21 Jul 2015
at 03:25
Re: EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
As he reaches the canyon widening and sees the girl, Darshan sloshes through the water more loudly, letting her know of his approach.

"Yes, I'm here," he replies to her query. He waves an arm over his head in case she can see him in the dim, failing light. He squints at her, wondering if she is injured. "I'm Darshan. Are you all right?"
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Fri 21 Aug 2015
at 05:08
Re: EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
The purple and orange hues of the fading sunlight glint off the girl’s dark brown eyes as she looks up, searching for the sound of splashing. She shivers, catching sight of Darshan, and returns to hugging the stuffed animal.

As Darshan approaches, he can see that the toy is an old bunny rabbit. It is tattered and yellowed around the edges and sodden with water. The girl’s clothing is similarly soaked through, and her feet are bare and wrinkled like raisins.

She eyes Darshan nervously, but does not shrink away as he comes closer. “I-I’m cold,” she murmurs. “I don’t know where my dads are, and I’m lost.”

With a sniff, she looks up at him. There is a small measure of hope in her expression. “Do you know where we are? Maybe I can go with you.”

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Darshan Basu
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Sat 22 Aug 2015
at 17:22
Re: EPIPHANY Session: The Setting Sun: Darshan
Watching her shiver with cold, he reflexively looks around her for signs of a large towel or any other way to give her some warmth. He blinks at the mention of more than one dad, and quietly revises his mental image of her likely family, careful not to let his thoughts show on his face. Not that she could probably see his face anyway.

"Yes, come with me," he says to the child. He moves closer, preparing to pick her up if she is somehow unable to move. "You can't stay here, it will only get darker and colder. We can find some shelter farther ahead. Can you stand?"

He hopes that the landscape is as he remembers it from the last time the EPIPHANY system brought him here, and tries to think of somewhere they can go to get the girl dried and warmed.