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Playtest Packet Links
This thread has two major things, the overview documents and then the characters.  At a con table, you'd have all of these things as handouts.  Please look through them, make a choice of character, and include that in your RTJ.

If you have comments, make sure to scribble them down somewhere and send them in with the survey at the end.

Overview documents:

Red Markets Player's Guide

Enclave Description


Taker: Attendant - Character Sheet
Weak Spot: Dismissive
Soft Spot: Waste Not, Want Not
Tough Spot: Immune
- Loren, Friend from the old days who became a latent; knows your secret (tough spot).

Even before the Crash, you knew how much waste there was in the world. Extra packaging on trinkets everyone “needed”, inefficient practices at work, and near-professional layabouts who let their lives slip away on pleasures of the moment. The layabouts aren't quite as lazy as they used to be, yet you remain dismissive towards anyone who can't see what needs to be done as clearly as you do. What needs to be done is to go out and reclaim all the perfectly good stuff that the old world has left behind but can still be put to use: waste not, want not; a penny saved is a penny earned, and all that. You'll work with others fine but don't mind being out on your own looking for something of value to bring back home.

You were out digging one day when you scratched your hand fighting off a casualty. It wasn't much, but you were lucky to have a blood tester kit handy, and luckier still that it didn't come up “Infected.” What it did come up was Immune, which means that by some crazy chance of luck, the blight doesn't affect you. The good news is that you never have to worry about being infected from a bite or scratch (still hurts to have a mouthful taken out of you, though). The bad news is that your bone marrow bio-medical research gold.You’re a prime target for DHQS agents, bounty hunters, cultists, and desperate co-workers who have run out of money. For this reason, it's up to you whether or not you've told your crew about your condition.

Gear: Scent Blocker, Binoculars, Handgun (Extended Magazine, Silenced), Ubiq Specs

Taker: Technician - Character Sheet
Weak Spot: Easily Angered
Soft Spot: Providing Solace
Tough Spot: Fenceman
- Devin, Old army buddy and former fenceman

Not everyone has what it takes to stand on a wall and hold back the undead. Your previous career in the military helped prepare you for it: long bouts of quiet and then sudden unexpected terror. But with experience comes skill: being a Fenceman make you better at any kind of killing any kind of Casualty, but you carry the scars of your time on the wall.

That's above and beyond your own personality quirks: Easily Angered. Short fuse. On edge. You've heard them all. Your four-legged companion helps keep you company when you're out earning a living and doing whatever small kindness you can do for others, providing solace to folks in a pinch.

Gear: Dog (Patrol vest, Hardy), Ubiq Specs, Rifle (Silenced) 

Taker: Cosmetologist - Character Sheet
Weak Spot: Arrogant
Soft Spot: Can’t we all be friends?
Tough Spot: Hustler
- Steph, Spouse
- Dar, Son, 16
- Sandy, Daughter, 12

Before the Crash or after, it's all the same: you've always been a Hustler. You always know a guy who can get what’s needed: information, expertise, gear. Of course, these favors have a big price tag, but you know it's always worth it. Some short-sighted small-minded types call you arrogant, but is it arrogant to know a good deal when it's staring you in the face?

That's what you do: you wheel and deal and put people together who both need what the other one wants. You find the guy who needs a thing and put him with the other guy who needs some other thing, and before you know it, everyone wins. Why is this hard for people to understand? Can't we all be friends?

Gear: Laptop (Optimized, App: BotSpammers, App: DigDataDoug, App: Blackstone), Handgun (extended magazine)

Taker: Mortician - Character Sheet
Weak Spot: Napoleon Complex
Soft Spot: Protecting the Weak
Tough Spot: Latent
- Me-maw, Elderly parent

You’ve always felt the need to prove yourself. You weren’t the biggest kid growing up, which didn’t make you feel better when others said you had a Napoleon Complex. It was always an effort for people to take you seriously, and you never forget how it felt being the little guy. You’re all grown up and the world’s changed around you, but it doesn’t mean you should stop protecting the weak whenever you can.

Of course, you have more problems now, being a Latent. You were in a tight spot a while back and got bitten, but it didn’t quite take. You never went vector, but did get to feel the Blight create a new black-ichor nervous system on top of your own one, wishing it could puppet you around. On the plus side, it does mean no more worrying about bites. On the other hand, it means your blood can infect others, so most people steer far from you. And you will turn into a vector when you die no matter what, so there’s that to consider.

Gear: Flashlight, Carpet Gauntlets/Greaves, Handgun (Extended Magazine), Axe (Sturdy, Weighted)

Taker: Embalmer - Character Sheet
Weak Spot: Head in the Clouds
Soft Spot: Karma is its own reward
Tough Spot: Scavenger
- Glen, Brother

You always liked tinkering with machines ever since you were a kid. First toys, then computers, then you started in on drones when they started showing up everywhere. People were coming up with more and more uses for them, which kept people like you in demand, and you could spend your days with your head in the clouds thinking of new uses for the little machines. You steered clear of any criminal or military work, though, wanting to just build and run tools that could help people in a tough spot. Karma is its own reward, after all, which is why you think you learned so much about patching people together.

Your attention to details and small parts has served you well in the carrion economy, as you've been able to sift through the dirt to find a lot of gold in the past five years. Living as a Scavenger has brought you some serious bank, but you need to learn when enough is enough - - all those potential goodies in your pack can make it harder to focus on what's really valuable.

Gear: First Aid Kit (DHQS Issue), Drone (Surveillance Suite), Ubiq Specs, Handgun (silenced)