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It was 1945 when the world's first nuclear bomb was deployed over Hiroshima.

Superhumans had always existed, to an extent. People beyond ordinary human abilities, always waited in the wings, fought their battles when they needed too, and then vanished, leaving trace of neither hero nor villain nor anything between. It was the world's best kept secret and yet, tensions rose. Resentment. Hatred. Fear. But today something was set in motion that only increased these tensions.

It was 1961 when the Tsar Bomba test was conducted.

Over fifty megatons of nuclear power, a blast halfway to being of apocalyptic proportions. A trigger for even stronger supers to emerge yet later down the line. It was a reminder of power for the world at large, but for the supers in hiding, it was a wake-up call.

It was 1977 when the world went insane.

Thirty years into the Cold War, and it turned out that rather than just hoarding nukes, the superpowers of the world had been training superhuman individuals, presumably ones caused by the planet's first few tastes of split atoms. Reusable, living nuclear bombs that had thirty years to learn to hate their own species. And after thirty years those bombs finally went off.

It was practically a doomsday scenario. World War Three, a bloodstain on histories pages for centuries to come.

It was 1995 when the fighting stopped.

The earth was nearly unrecognizable: most small countries had been either torn apart or united to stay alive; Africa was a wasteland, only now it looked like a Fallout game; the German Fourth Reich had taken most of the EU under protective wings and adopted the name "Europa," becoming the most racially diverse group of racists the world had seen since the Nazis; the Western hemisphere had united under one flag, a supernation called "Pax Americana"; Russia retreated to a series of vast underground cities, reemerging stronger than ever; China and Japan forged an alliance, "Scandinavia" was now a singular power. Byzantium was back and for the most part, Australia was nowhere to be found. Superhumans, participation notwithstanding, were dead, gone, or broken. Something had to be done.

And so the Superhumanity Act was signed. Russia, Europa, Pax Americana, China-Japan, Scandinavia and Byzantine Greece swore that from that day forward the people of the earth would work to overcome the condition that was Superhumanity, for the betterment of all. And so the Academies were formed. Three each in Pax, Russia and Europa. Two each in Byzantine Greece, Scandinavia, and China-Japan.  One honorary structure in memory of Australia.
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Superhuman Abilities
There's little rhyme or reason to superpowers. Some take shape as bizarre mutations, turning people into human anthills, crab-like monsters straight from anime, or a creature straight from mythology (unless such powers predate the ancient myths). Some come from peculiar objects bound to a user, or parasitic life-forms interwoven into a host. Some yet seem utterly inexplicable, scientifically implausible, or just bizarrely specific: like hearing the moon whisper to you at night, controlling paper with your mind, or making inanimate objects burst into song, dance, and flames.

However there is a basic standard in each country for ranking such powers. Initially referred to as a Threat Rating, the system was changed due to being deemed a demoralizing factor in superhuman education. In the American Academies, you'll hear of Power Class, referring to how much one can affect the world around them. This factors in the user's control over their power, the scope of their abilities, the threat they pose to others, and if possible the energy output. Unless such a thing would be difficult to measure. The scale goes as follows, from least to most powerful.

Class D, Meta-Human. This is on-par with what is attainable through science or extensive training. Olympic athletes are often comparable to Meta-Humans, and some already are, though this requires that they be tested before entry to ensure that they do not have an unfair advantage.

Class C, Extrahuman. Defined as being superhuman by technicality, this includes powers that are quite simply, not very dangerous. Having the ability to turn their fingers into cutlery and kitchen utensils is a pretty neat thing to have, but it's not that powerful all things considered.

Class B, A, and AA, Superhuman. Entering this category we tend to have more traditional superpowers. Seeing through opaque matter, phasing through walls, teleportation within line of sight, etc. Superhumans of this class range from what might be considered a lame superhero, to a combination of related powers that grant one a broader skillset. Jokingly referred to as being the Spider-Man category, this power class leaves one free to grow in strength and control without actually changing their classification.

Class S and SS, Ultrahuman. This power level is dangerous. Very dangerous. Typically encompassing superhumans of AA magnitude, with a lack of control, be it over their powers or themselves, this also includes people with powers notably stronger than others, sometimes too strong for their age. Many a problem case falls under Class S. Personality Americana and Europa each have a facility specifically designed to handle Ultrahumans (Bermuda and Olympus, respectively), and will take in students from other countries. Ultrahumans have severe drawbacks to their powers, often at the detriment of their own health, yet another thing max-security Academies are equipped to handle. It's a trade-off, to be certain. But some AA Superhumans ascend to this level through training (though usually it takes until after the first four years to move up even one letter, power classification system being what it is.

Class X, God. Lowercase g, that is. There are only a few Class X superhumans in existence. In fact, outside of the Pantheon (a group of once very powerful, largely immortal beings who inspired the Greek myths of old), there are only two left, one administering the Program internationally from his post in Bermuda, and the other periodically making terrorist attacks in international waters.

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