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Tue 21 Apr 2015
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Concept and RTJ
My plan for this game is to have one player who is online often, able to post several times a day (slowing down a little here and there because certain days are busy isn't a big deal but preferably at least once a day during those times). I can't maintain that post rate any longer. My expectation now is just a few times a week.

I have no clear idea for this game to start with I want to run someone's idea so that's up to you the applicant. What I want for requests is:

What kind of character you want to play as: a little personality, background and what direction they might aim for (a character sheet does not substitute for actual character in your character and will be ignored)

What kind of story you want to be the hero or heroine in: it could be one where legendary pokemon are a big feature, it could contain a lot of different faces some of whom may travel with you or you could go at it mostly alone.

Where and when is it: I want to keep the setting to one of the 7 locations of the mainstream games, the game could be canon in that some person battled -insert evil team here- and became champion if you like. It could be happening at a similar time where your paths may even cross or it could happen a month, a year or several years later where this is just past knowledge. It will not have the story from the anime involved, there is no person called ash who travels with a pikachu.

What is the path you'll take: It could be a traditional gym challenge or contest challenge, or even both, or it could be something more unusual such as research trips or even something more dark like bounty hunting.

These are the things I want to hear about in your application (and anything else you consider), I plan for the game to start at the beginning but there's some room there in that maybe you've been a trainer for a little while already so you're a little better than someone who's level 1 and just visiting the professor for their first pokemon, maybe that's exactly what you're doing, we can discuss that.

I plan to keep applications open for a couple of days or until I get one I really like so it's not first come first serve but also don't sit back and be lazy if you intend to apply. If I have multiple really good applications then I'll consider running more than one game.

This is an ongoing application process, feel free to apply at any time. I will take each application on its own merits, I like interesting and unusual potential stories.

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Sat 25 Apr 2015
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Re: Concept and RTJ
To those of you that didn't receive a response I'm sorry but for one reason or another I didn't choose your application. If you'd like I welcome you submit another application with another character & story idea, it might just be that your idea didn't really click with me and I will still seriously consider taking on a second player for their own game if I get another application I like.