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Sat 25 Apr 2015
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This thread is for tracking treasure and equipment found and collected.

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Thu 14 May 2015
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Re: Treasure
12 PP
433 GP
186 EP
337 SP

large gemstone (800 gp) (Nagrom)
+2 handaxe named Persuasion. (Carrog)
+1 shield (Tara)
Magical greatsword (unidentified).
Platemail (Tara)


Hard to transport items:
  • 7 greatswords
  • 20 halberds
  • 17 light crossbows
  • 250 crossbow bolts and 17 quivers
  • 30 suits of ringmail
  • 1 suit of platemail

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Tue 26 Jan 2016
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Re: Treasure
480 gp, 300 ep, 800 sp, seven gems (4 x 1000 gp, 3 x 500 gp), and four spell scrolls.
  • clairvoyance
  • cone of cold
  • cure wounds (5th level spell, 5d8 healing)
  • and magic missile (6th level, 8 darts).

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Mon 1 Feb 2016
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Zalco, Long Sword +3

Zalco's scabbard is encrusted with seven gems worth 500 gp each. (The scabbard accepts and encrusts any gem placed on it if the sword so commands.) The sword's pommel and hilt appear as intertwined heads and necks of three brass dragons. Each dragon's head has two ruby eyes worth 1,000 gp each. Engraved on the blade in flowing scrip is "Master of order, I beckon you to slay my foes! Let disorder fall in my wake and enemies find doom at my touch!"

The sword's abilities may be invoked by using an action while in good standing with the sword based on the reputation level associated with the ability group:
  • At-will abilities (friendly)
    • Detect evil and good
    • Unknown
    • See invisibility (includes ethereal creatures)
  • Daily abilities (respected)
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
  • Special abilities (tolerated)
    • Disintegrate lawful clerics, paladins, and lawful outer planar creatures (including devils) on a successful hit. 10d6+40 damage, Dexterity save DC 15 negates the disintegrate damage.

Sword reputation:
  • Tolerated - the sword is putting up with its wielder.
  • Friendly - the sword likes its wielder
  • Respected - the sword respects and loves its wielder

Zalco is currently Friendly with Carrog.