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Rules (Updated 9/18/16)
  • No flaming or fighting. If you have a problem, please bring it to a GM.
  • Please try to post regularly, at least twice a week rather than leaving others in your scene hanging.
     Absent players' characters may be taken over by GM and written out, or reassigned.
  • No god-moding. No moving or reacting for other characters.
  • No excessive foul language or graphic sex or violent content.
     This is not an adult game, please fade to black. If you really want to continue on do not move it into private messages (The GMs get alerted every time there is a pm even between players) exchange emails or IMs if you need to go into that stuff.
  • Nothing sexually suggestive concerning children.
  • Write in third person, use decent spelling and grammar.

Update: 9/18/2016 - no pedophilia rule.

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