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GM Killer
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Sat 15 Aug 2015
at 15:46
The Keep- The Gate
The entry to the keep. The gate, if one wanted to call it that, hangs haphazardly from one hinge and is covered in rust.
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Sat 15 Aug 2015
at 15:48
Re: The Keep- The Gate
Grateful that her cloak was of dark color and blended into the darkness of the twilight, Sileas made her way to the gate. Her hood covered her bright red hair. So far she and Yehudit had been successful enough at stealth to not attract the attention of any of the knights who were unloading wagons or tending horses. She finally reached the gate and paused in the shadows, waiting for her cousin to catch up.
Yehudit Buckley
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Sun 16 Aug 2015
at 02:02
Re: The Keep- The Gate
While Sileas was stealthy and graceful, Yehudit hobbled and her walking stick made a loud 'clock' sound with every step. She was panting slightly when she finally caught up with Sileas.

"This is working!" Yehudit whispered excitedly.