The Keep - The Stables.   Posted by GM LW.Group: 0
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Sat 28 May 2016
at 02:11
The Keep - The Stables
Where the horses are kept.
Lek Gerthrim
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 04:47
The Keep - The Stables
Sweat trickled down the dust on Lek's bare chest as he replaced the tools to their pegs. It was a filthy job, but every single stall in the stables was clean. He still did not see how cleaning up after horses would help protect Pinja, but he had gotten the job done.

Lek picked up his shirt and headed to the well to get cleaned up.
Sileas Spenser
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Fri 4 May 2018
at 04:39
The Keep - The Stables
Sticking to the shadows and the trees, Sileas made it to the stables. As she had suspected, no one was about. She slipped inside and saddled Midnight, then mounted him. She was grateful she had had the foresight to have her coin purse on her, especially since she had taken nothing. She rode out toward the gate.
Sileas Spenser
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Sat 5 May 2018
at 17:23
The Keep - The Stables
After riding around aimlessly, not really looking for another way out, but just lost in thought, Sileas headed for the stables. But she spotted light in the barracks and she made to turn the other direction so she wouldn't be spotted. Midnight let out a loud whinny, and tired of her indecision and her mood, he reared up and unseated her. Sileas landed in a heap on the ground.