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Sat 28 May 2016
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The Keep - Dormitories
Mostly made up of single occupancy rooms though a few rooms are big enough to fit two to three people. Very simple rooms, containing little more than a pallet and a wash basin.
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Sun 29 May 2016
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The Keep - Dormitories
Ila was walking towards the exit when suddenly a door swung open so fast it hit her. Stunned, Ila dropped the note and apron. Rough hands grabbed her and shoved her into the room. The door slammed shut. Ila's eyes had not adjusted to the gloom but she knew Tirto by his smell.

"Get my note? So are you going to be sensible or are you going to make me make it hard for you?" Tirto asked, dragging her.

Ila recovered her wits and dug in her heels. "It's still no. I'm not a whore anymore. Let me go."

"You'll always be a whore."

Ila felt his hands on her. She hit him. "Stop it or I'll scream. Someone is bound to hear me and come."

"And they'll pay gold." Tirto laughed. "Too bad I'm needed in the garden in a few minutes, but let's look forward to later when I have more time. But in the meantime-"

Ila felt him grab her right sleeve and tear it off. She broke free. Her eyes still had not adjusted but the dorms were mostly arranged the same way, she found the door easily, pushed it open and escaped into the hall. She tripped and fell over the apron lying on the floor. Tirto came out of the room, the sleeve crumpled in his hand. Ila crab-walked away from him but he only stuffed the sleeve into his pocket, leered at her and walked away.

Ila gathered up the apron. She looked at her right arm, the red dove tattoo was completely exposed. Anyone could see it and know. Ila draped the apron over her arm to cover the tattoo but it was only a temporary fix. She could feel herself beginning to panic. This was her only dress, she had no way to hide the tattoo.
Sileas Spenser
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Fri 29 Sep 2017
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The Keep - Dormitories
Sileas stopped suddenly, remembering Wulfsen had been staying in the barracks. She had no idea where she was to meet him. She sighed and headed for the main hall to wait for him.