Outside the Keep.   Posted by GM LW.Group: 0
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Sat 28 May 2016
at 02:57
Outside the Keep
The area surrounding the Keep. Years ago the area was clear for visibility. But after the keep was abandoned trees and brush have grown around the keep.
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Tue 31 May 2016
at 03:16
Outside the Keep
Helen exited the garden gate and began to search the woods for the flower she was looking for. She wondered if there was any to be found in this immediate area, or if she should just try to make another potion instead.
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Tue 7 Jun 2016
at 19:53
Outside the Keep
After a while, she finally spotted a patch of blue daisies and walked over to them. As she bent down to pick a few, her legs suddenly seemed to buckle and she sank to her knees. Her head was spinning, her ears were ringing, and her whole body was tingling. "What... is happening?" she groaned through gritted teeth.

The flowers she had gathered dropped to the ground as she grabbed her head with her hands. Her muscles were now twitching painfully, and she could barely see. Her head was pounding with pain, and she fought hard to stay conscious. Looking around as best as she could, she tried to find help, but could see none. "Help..." she said weakly as she curled up in a fetal position, trying her best to block out the pain.