The Keep - Sileas's Secret Rooms.   Posted by GM LW.Group: 0
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Mon 30 May 2016
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The Keep - Sileas's Secret Rooms
In the Main Building, located beneath the kitchen, just off the wine cellar.

The room is more of a suite, in that it consists of three rooms. Two to be used as bedrooms and one with two walls lined with shelves. There are no windows but plenty of candles spaced around the rooms.
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Mon 30 May 2016
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The Keep - Sileas's Secret Rooms
Sileas stepped into the first room, her eyes rounded at the sight of all the crates and trunks. "The manor must have been intact." There were a few that were familiar, they must have come from the forge. She knew the schoolhouse was no more. The first crate she looked in was the one with the baby clothing. Sileas dropped the lid with a bang. "I told Lek to burn this."

She moved forward and looked into the two rooms they would use for bedrooms. "Well we have beds and wardrobes. Xavier has us set up, he just left the unpacking to us."