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Game Traits

Luminary Aspirant:  From the Shining Citadel, the Luminous Order has long protected the valley from the monsters that have threatened Sumberton and its surrounding villages.  Through some series of events, you were taken into the Order as a Squire.  You have trained rigorously in the martial arts and have the benefit of being well-schooled.  The Knight you squired under has recently released you to undertake the trials of knighthood—or perhaps has passed away, giving his life in defense of the valley.  A character who takes this trait gains either Knowledge (History) or Knowledge (Religion) as a class skill, and gains a +1 trait bonus to both of these skills.  Additionally, a character with this trait begins the game with an affiliation score of 1 with the Luminous Order.

Black Cabalist:  From the Black Tower, the Black Cabal has as its focus the acquisition of arcane tomes and power for its library and members.  You were apprenticed or in the service of a member in good standing and have earned your way into its entry rank.  A character who takes this trait gains Knowledge (Any) as a class skill with an additional +1 trait bonus to this skill.  Additionally a character with this trait begins the game with an affiliation score of 1 with the Black Cabal.

Noble Born:  You claim a tangential but legitimate connection to one of Sumberton’s noble families.  You’ve had a comfortable life, but one far from the dignity and decadence your distant cousins know.  Although you are associated with an esteemed name, your immediate family is hardly well to do, and you’ve found your name to be more of a burden to you than a boon in many social situations.  You’ve recently decided to test yourself, to see if you can face the world without the aegis of a name you have little real claim or care for.  Choose one of the following noble families and associated benefits.

Pendrant   The Pendrant family has occupied a castle on the riverbanks southwest of Jewelford for centuries.  Lord Pendrant has been given authority to tax the river trade, and riverboat captains along the stretch controlled by Lord Pendrant regard the Lord, his family, and those from the town around the castle with scorn.  You gain a +1 trait bonus on Swim checks, and Swim is always treated as a class skill for you.

Surrinak   Low on the northern slopes of Mount Surrinak in the Tangletuft Mountains is the ancestral home of this old and insular noble family.  Their castle overlooks rich farmland and is protected from the west by Redbark Grove, so the Surrianks are collectively some of the most powerful landowners in the Valley of Obelisks.  Trespassers are treated harshly on Surriank lands—their house guard is the law for miles beyond their castle.  A character with this noble family trait gains either the Weapon Proficiency feat with an exotic elf weapon or a +1 to intimidate and this skill is always a class skill for you.

Tenneskir   Led by Lady Andra Tenneskir, this noble house resides within the village of Silvermont.  SIlvermont is known throughout the valley for its mines which provide the region with much of its metal.  They are well-liked and respected, though despite the success of the town, the influence of the Tenneskir family has waned in recent years.  A character who begins the game with this trait gains either a Masterwork Weapon of their choice or +1 on diplomacy checks and diplomacy is always a class skill for the character.

Perdekark and Entrighan   Tulvercross boasts some of the best grassland in the Valley of Obelisks, so it has horse, sheep, and cattle ranches nearby rather than the farms that dominate the rest of the valley.  The Perdekark and the Entrighan noble families of the town have a rivalry that started as a dispute over rangeland but quickly became personal.  Members of the two clans aren’t always violent toward one another, but minor acts of sabotage and intimidation are common.   A character who takes this trait may choose either Stealth or Handle Animal and gain this skill as a class skill additionally he gains a +1 trait bonus to these skills.

Carstellan (Sumberton) Lord Bariss Carstellan is the head of House Carstellan and rules the city of Somberton.   An elderly man, Bariss is teaching the basics of governance to his two sons, Jarrik and Thrann.  It is understood that if Jarrik or Thrann want something, it’s as good as the lord asking for it himself.  Much of the city’s bureaucracy and commerce is handled by the Carstellan family and many Carstellans serve as officers and leaders within the standing army.  A character who begins the game with this trait gains +2 to their leadership trait if they take the leadership feat.  Additionally, the character may choose to take the Skill Focus feat or gain a masterwork item of their choice to start the game with.

Talirean   Hailing from the distant nation of Talingarde, you arrived at Kel’s Rise with the Order of the Coin when an army of monstrous humanoids from the eastern mountains attacked.  If not for the Order’s timely arrival to fortify the area, the castle and its town would be overrun by monsters.  The Order of the Coin now holds the castle, renamed Nebaltyne Keep (ancient Talirean for ‘not-balentyne’) and hold it against constant attacks from the east.  You may choose to either be a non-order related civilian, currently trapped within the Valley until the Hellknights reopen the teleportation circle back to Talingarde, or a squire to one of the Knights who fell during the great battle.  As a Hellknight squire, you endeavor to find challenges to overcome in order to prove your worth in the eyes of the Order.  A character who takes this trait may choose to have Knowledge (Religion) or Appraise as a class skill and gains a +1 trait bonus to these skills.

From the West   You have made the harrowing journey across the wastes that separate the lush and verdant Valley of Obelisks from the rest of the world.  In any generation there are tales of people who have left to make the journey, or a wandering stranger who claims to have come from the west, but they are incredibly rare and even more rarely believed.  The trip across the barren and volcanic wastes nearly killed you, and you have little memory of the trip—and only blurred memories of your life before coming to the Valley, only that you escaped a great trial.  Your body is covered in scars—more than one your age would likely bear.  A character who takes this trait gains a +1 trait bonus to Fortitude saves, reflecting your strength gained in making the journey.

Trained by the Master   You are the disciple of the sword master, Kerian Vedari.  A paragon of skill, his torture—training—has been grueling.  If you had but half his skill, you could carve out a kingdom of your own.  To reflect your developed skill, you react more quickly to danger and your opponents.  You gain a +2 trait bonus to your initiative checks, a +1 trait bonus to Reflex saves, and access to further training from him.  Though be warned, there are many who will seek you out to test their own mettle…

Friend to Tenasa Kentis   You and Tenasa Kentis are fast friends.  You have known her long enough to recognize she is a good soul.  She is fast to smile and has revealed herself to be an extremely talented person.  She has taken to the sword with rare skill and would make a boon companion should her company be desired.  A character who takes this trait gains an additional +1 from any benefits given from teamwork feats he possesses.  Additionally, Tenasa Kentis can accompany the party if the PCs desire.  Tenasa Kentis is not eligible to be a cohort for the party.

Student of Constantine the Elder   You are a rare apprentice of Constantine the Elder.  As the greatest spell caster of the valley, it is a great honor to be chosen as his student.  You have accompanied Constantine in his travels, and you have learned much of the valley itself.  As his only living apprentice, you are poised to inherit his magical accoutrement and his domain in the White Mountain.  A character who takes this trait gains Knowledge (Local) as a class skill and gains a +1 trait bonus to its use.  Additionally, Constantine has gifted you with a magical amulet which he has instructed you to use if you ever find yourself in danger.

From the East   You are from the lands of the Sho to the east.  Life in Sholung is difficult, and most live as feudal serfs under various warring Daimyos.  Some rise to the rank of soldier, merchant, or artisan who pursue the favor of their local lords.  You have braved the journey west to the port towns and cities—and then boarded a trade ship to western lands.  Your journey was long, but now you find yourself in the Valley of Obelisks.  While life seems happier in these lands, you find that men still serve masters above them even here.  A character who starts the game with this trait speaks Sho, and may start the game with the Weapon Proficiency feat for an appropriate martial or exotic weapon.

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Game Traits
The following are feats available to characters that have the game trait "Trained by the Master":

Heavenly Sword Stance (Combat)

You study your opponents’ movements, discerning their strengths and weaknesses before you strike.

Prerequisites:  Trained by the Master game trait

Benefit: When you defer after all opponents or take your turn after all opponents, you gain +2 on attack and damage rolls for the rest of the combat.

Heavenly Sword Style (Combat)

You have learned to use the lightning speed of the Heavenly Sword Style.

Prerequisites:  Trained by the Master game trait, Heavenly Sword Stance

Benefit:  When making a full-attack, you may make one additional attack at your highest base attack bonus, but all your attacks in this round suffer a -2 penalty.  This is a flurry attack and cannot be used with another flurry attack.

Heavenly Sword Adept (Combat)

You have honed your ability to study your opponents’ weaknesses and exploit them.

Prerequisites:  Trained by the Master game trait, Heavenly Sword Stance, Heavenly Sword Style

Benefit:  When wielding a weapon in two hands, you gain twice your strength modifier in damage instead of one and a half times your strength modifier in damage.

Heavenly Step (Combat)

You have mastered the movement techniques of the Heavenly Sword Style

Prerequisites: Str 13, Cleave, Cleaving Finish, Great Cleave, Heavenly Sword Style, Heavenly Sword Stance, Heavenly Sword Adept, Power Attack, Base Attack Bonus +6

Benefit:  If you make a melee attack, and your target drops to 0 or fewer hit points as a result of your attack, you may take a five foot step and then continue to make iterative or cleave attacks if they are available to you.

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Game Traits
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