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Request to Join and Code of Conduct
     This game requires not only quite an open mindset but also you need to be prepared that in the game it is possible that some unpleasant, shocking or upsetting things may happen. It is dark, gritty and it is rife with mature content. This includes but is not limited to:

- Language
- Violence
- Drugs

That means, according to RPOL's terms of service and policies, to play here, you will follow my RTJ or you will not get access.

I require:
Character name:

Not needed, but would like:
Character age:
Character race:
Character Description:
Character Background:


This is a homebrew world, that is being developed all the time. This is a pretty high magic world.

You are allowed

Character speech must be marked in some distinguishable style and color making it easy to read and find. How you do it is not for me to decide. Please do not use Orange as I use it to indicate instructions or other OOC information.

Italicized text will indicate character thoughts. I suggest you mimic the characters speech in style and color, but Italicized.


If you are not going to be available, please let the DungeonMaster know in advance and we will arrange for your character(s) to be doing something that removes them from the core game for that time frame. In that way we can keep them safe from final death. We are more concerned with a smoothly running story, so it is possible that minor involvement will occur with your character(s) while you are away.

If another player does get stalled because of someone else’s absence, the ST will arbitrate playing the absentees Character to move the story ahead. It will not happen until 72 hours have passed and no activity is noted.


This setting is run primarily by me, but I may have others who assist with various areas or minor NPC parts.


There are three different types of IC threads; each marked their content. The types are: EVENT, LOCATION, AREA and HOME. ** his is subject to change

The game takes place in various areas normally

Also this is my first time I GM a game on RPOL, although I have GMed games in person and on other roleplay websites, this one is a bit different so please bear with me.

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Sun 7 May 2017
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Request to Join and Code of Conduct
All speaking should be bold, in color, and in quotation marks.  Which color is up to you, just be consistent.

Whispers should be in small, in color, and in quote marks.

Thoughts should be italic, in color, and in single quote marks.

Orange is reserved for all OOC comments within a gaming thread.

I said, "Look out for traps, Elrond."
I whisper to Marcus, "He won't find them anyway."
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