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Sat 30 May 2015
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House Rules
First off bear with me if any of these rules are repeated from a book somewhere.

  •   Healing kit dependency
         To spend HD to recover hit points over a short rest requires the application of treatment with a Healing Kit.  Other magical explicit magical means can also be used to trigger healing.  [so you can use a healing kit to treat wounds, or if you have a healing potion, you may drink it]  In either case, the application of the healing methods is enough for you to trigger rolling HD to heal HP naturally.
  • Slow natural healing
        You don't automatically regain all HP over a long rest.  Instead, you can use a long rest to trigger rolling HD to recover HP damage.
  • Massive damage
         Taking damage equal to over half your Max HP can result in an incapacitating wound.
  • Morale Checks
         Many NPCs will more than likely not fight to the death.

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Wed 22 Jul 2015
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Re: House Rules
Ok after finding that monsters and NPCs can have stats up to 30, but PCs can only have stats up to 20 I found that distasteful to say the least.

Until I find some absolute reason I believe PCs should be reduced to 20 I am houseruling it.

PCs can only acquire up to a 20 during character creation, but during adventures can go up to a 30.
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Fri 25 Sep 2015
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Re: House Rules

Feats no longer require you to give up an attribute score raise to gain them

No giving up of the attribute to get 2 feats

Not sure I'm going to keep this house rule...

this house rule has been removed

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Fri 25 Sep 2015
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Re: House Rules
House rule initiative

Fast Actions: This is the quick attack, the benefit is you get to attack and possibly hit first

Slow Actions: (This will add 10 to initiative roll) This is where a PC takes his time and judges things in the fight, giving advantage to hit rolls, and passive advantage (+5) on things that do not require hit rolls like a DC for spells, and such.

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