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Story so far
This is where I or the Co-DM will post summaries of what has happened so far
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Story so far
The summary of our journey, post half the great lull in the action...

So, when Sylvia let the next two skeletal horses out of the stall, Toh-Mas and Khal decided to leave for their own purposes, both supposedly heading toward NeverWhere. (Confirmed later that Toh-Mas returned to the smithy). The threesome dispatched the rest of the skeletal horses and then decided to leave the tower to regroup at NeverWhere. They payed the 1/3 toll to the dwarves and returned.

They stayed a year in NeverWhere before returning. During this time, Sylvia became the apprentice to an elderly wizard named Valon. After her training was completed, she returned to the tower with Rhage and StormFire.

After fighting more skeletons and zombies, they found themselves in the room behind the throne where they found a large war wagon with ballistas on the back and four chariots, all masterwork with Adamtine embellishments. They had to face eight more skeletons and a Swordwraith before the room was clear. There wasn't much more in the room besides a forge and some smiths tools.

After that was clear, they explored more where the poltergeist haunted kitchen was and found several hallways full of well kept, dust free rooms. They decided to spend the night in one of the rooms and were woken at midnight by StormFire. It turned out they were staying in rooms that belonged to several Swordwraiths who quite wanted their space back. StormFire fought them off at the door while Sylvia helped Rhage with his armor. Occasionally she would look over and offer support in the form of a fiery burst.

This technique was soon affectionately called "the boom box". StormFire put forth a burst of flame into the hall killing some of the wraiths, and sending the rest running with fright. Unfortunately, he was injured and the group spent the night in the stables resting for a few days without incident. When everyone was rested and full health, they descended into the lower levels.

Down, past the room the that collected the manure from the stables above, they found a tunnel that led to some kind of alter room. The tunnel was coated in a disgusting layer of rotten animal organs and StormFire investigated since Sylvia wussed out with the hallway. She cast detect magic and discovered several things of magic in the room. She was just calling StormFire to come back when he happened to get curious and stuck one of his claws in a bowl filled with some sort of magic liquid. His foreleg went numb and Sylvia frantically tried to ascertain the extent of the condition.

The numbness went away after a little time, but StormFire felt tired, an unusual thing in and of itself. They retreated to the stables where Rhage tried to cure StormFire of his tiredness, supposing it to be an effect of whatever that substance was. He was unable to change anything. StormFire thought the best thing to do was to go home and sleep.

They went home with Sylvia still worrying endlessly about StormFire. He was only a little over a year old, still two years too young to have his first sleep and growth spurt. They returned to the house next to the smithy and StormFire made himself a bed of gold coins while Sylvia put her bedroll next to him. The last thought of his she heard was something about having Toh-Mas make a saddle.

She did go next door and ask Toh-Mas to begin work on a saddle during that first week StormFire was asleep. After that, she began pacing around the sleeping dragon, fretting over his health. She knew he was alive, but she was still worried. How long was he supposed to sleep? After the second week, she only left to get meals for herself, spending all her time with StormFire.

As the third week began, she stopped stopped studying her spells and almost never left the house. Before the start of the fourth week, she went out and visited her teacher, Valon, hoping to ease her mind or at least distract herself from her worry. He was a help and a comfort, providing her with a book on dragons that said the first sleep lasted a whole month. Then they discussed his age and the reasons he could be sleeping early. Valon supposed it could have been a potion that aged him or a poison, but the best thing was to wait it out the rest of the way.

At the end of the month, StormFire woke and had grown much larger, having to shape shift to get out of the house. Toh-Mas also finished the saddle and that very day, Sylvia flew for the first time with her friend.

Her happiness was short lived when they went to go see Valon. At first Sylvia noticed nothing amiss, not even the door ajar. She rushed straight in, calling Valon's name. When there was no answer, she became worried. *In the sitting room she found an odd, magical bag and a note. The note was from Valon.

"Dearest Sylvia,
"I am sorry I could not say goodbye in person but it was time for me to leave these good people. It seems I leave them in capable hands, you and a gold dragon. A young dragon going through his first sleep no less. The bag is a gift to him. It is called a red eye backpack, and it comes from the land of dragons. I hope one day we cross paths again, but I don't know how long I have left.
"The house and all of it's contents are yours. I have already made the arrangements with the city. You were like a daughter to me, and I will surely miss you.
"Love, Valon"

At the bottom of the bag, StormFire found a note for him written in Draconic.

"Young one, I am sure we will meet again, the backpack is a redeye backpack from the Io's Blood Isles, where dragons come from. it is a bag of holding that fits around your neck, and will transform to a backpack when you transform to a two legger. Be good to the little one."

Sylvia got a little weepy and dramatic over her mentor leaving with nothing but a note. She and StormFire stayed there whenever they weren't flying (for about a week) with StormFire laying curled up around the roof of one of the spires of the tower. (Valon's house was a tower.) Word has been spreading through NeverWhere of the great gold dragon and his "Elven rider" - Sylvia hasn't bothered to point out she is only half elven as no one would probably listen all that well.

Captain Binan certainly took renewed notice of them and sent a missive out requesting they see him urgently.

And so they went with StormFire waiting outside. Long story short, the king requested that they be the first of a new military division to make an impressive presence against bandits. They offered Sylvia knighthood and lands (she doesn't really care much about all that, she's just happy to help) and she countered with the condition that they be allowed to come and go as they please, no matter how many or how rider pairs they have managed to find. With the terms set and agreed to, Sylvia and StormFire took off and scared the piss out of a bunch of goblins heading for the city.

When they came back, there were what looked like a group of mages singing a tree into existence and formed it into a tower fit for a dragon and it's rider. The living space has every amenity provided and a very nice place for StormFire to land. Sylvia went downstairs and started spreading StormFire's name around (hoping to get the crowd chanting, but that didn't work out). Then she went up and they flew off to the forest and spent the night on the ground.

The next day, Sylvia took some books and things to the Dragon Tower. Back at the smithy house, where StormFire slept, she found several dragon scales left behind. Those she put in the wizard tower for safe keeping.

Currently, Sylvia, Rhage and StormFire are in the Tower of War, once more, fighting through the lower levels.
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Story so far
Upon finding an evil priest and serving him to Stormfire for Breakfast, Sylvia, Stormfire and Rhage returned to Neverwhere where the roguish wizard proceeded to put out flyers to attract new adventurers to her group of friends. The ragtag ensemble had affectionately began calling themselves the Ragtag ProblemSolvers Guild, or RPG for short. The next morning after welcoming the new members, a letter came to the guild at Sylvia's tower in Midtown from a local alchemist who needed help.

The now rather large party went to visit him and received their mission. "Ah the RPG, good good, I need a rare ingredient from the Blightwood. The heartwood from the tree in the middle, the only one not touched by the blight. I don't know the dangers you would face, since I have only head of this through research. 

The wood can be found in the middle of the blighted area. 

A noble of this very city is inflicted with a rare disease, that requires some powerful magic to get rid of. Even all of our clerics, have been unsuccessful, but through my research I think I can cure him. I believe this noble has caught the blight, this tree is the only surviving entity from those blighted woods. I'll be honest i'm not sure it can cure this noble, but from my research I believe it has a great chance."

With a promise of 100 gold pieces to whoever goes and a 20 gold piece advance to each, they set out for the blightwood that morning. Unfortunately, the mists of fate (or something else) had other ideas and robbed the group of many of their most valuable members.