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A History of the Kingdom
~2,000 years ago
-- Four native cultures dominate Midland: the Ffoltling clans, the Thuaidh tribe, the Dheas tribe, and the Ithers tribe
-- The Ffoltlings eventually become the Caelish
-- The Thuaidh and Dheas eventually unite to become the Varlanders
-- The Ithers are mostly wiped out-- the survivors flee to what is later called the Isle of the Dead.

~1,500 years ago
-- Seubic tribes from the Old Country raid the coastline of Midland. They eventually settle and spread. They bring with them the Faith of the Mother Above.

~1,000 years ago
-- The Ybasquez people arrive and settle the southern coast of Midland.
-- Queen Anastasia of the Seubians announces that she will spread the Faith of the Mother Above to all corners of the continent.
-- The Seubian Kingdom backs rebels against the Varlander King. After his death, the Varland is occupied by Seubian forces.
-- First Varlander Rebellion: Seubian forces are pushed out of Varland, and the Estates of Varland are established. Each Laird is sovereign of their own territory-- there will never again be a Varlander King.

~800 years ago
-- The Great Schism (-12 AR to 0 AR): The Faith is split in a civil war between the Aldonnean Seat and the Northern Orthodoxy. The Ybasquez convert and back the Aldonnean Seat; thereafter they are rechristened the Ybarian people. A political marriage unites their kingdom with the Seubian throne.

~400 years ago
-- The Twenty Year War (402 AR to 422 AR): King Thorvald the Hammer leads Seubian forces against the Caels, in a religious war. It ends when the Caelish King renounces the Old Way and converts to the Faith.

~300 years ago
-- (509 AR) King Reynhart the Hungry conquers Varland and half of Cael, killing the Caelish King. The new Caelish Prince renounces his throne and swears fealty to Reynhart.
-- (511 AR) Reynhart is crowned High King of the Six Provinces of the New Midland Kingdom, which has existed ever since.

~150 years ago
-- Second Varlander Rebellion: Laird Nac Blackwood attempts to unite the Estates against the  throne. The Blackwood Estate is destroyed and its lands distributed to those loyal to the crown.
-- The Bloodwood Heresy: A Ybarian sect from the Bloodwood Peninsula attempts to split from the Aldonnean Seat of the Faith. Local Ybarian Signores march under the Mother's Cross to wipe out the sect.

~100 years ago
-- Third Varlander Rebellion: Laird Nac MacGregor and Laird Nac Payne rebel against the King's taxes; after a short but bloody conflict the crown lowers taxes. MacGregor stands down his levies, but Payne does not.
-- Massacre at Dunne Hallow: The forces of Laird Nac Payne are cornered and killed to the man.

~50 years ago
-- The War of Thorns: A border war erupts between Caelish noblemen of the Tela Heath and the Vinwarde Hills. The conflict pulls in dozens of noble houses on either side.
-- The Vingian Invasion: The Vingian Empire from the Old Country attempts to invade Midland.
-- Fourth Varlander Rebellion/Varlander Civil War: Many Estates back the Vingian invaders, hoping to win freedom from the Seubian crown. Others do not. Varland descends into civil war.
-- The Purging: The Laird Nac MacGregor unites Varland against the Vingian invaders, at the cost of his own life. The Caelish Prince ends the War of Thorns and marches Caelish forces to aid in throwing off the foreign invaders. The Vingian Empire is driven from Midland's shores.

Current Day
The Year 789 Aldonnean Reckoning, reign of High King Jurgen the Black.
-- Three years ago, Sir Marco Scottieri received financing from the Ybarian Viceroy to explore the Western Sea.
-- Alistair Dunroche, the Laird Nac Dunroche, attempted to raise an army against the Crown. His levies were routed by a force of Kingsmen and MacGregor militia, and the Dunroche Estate formally disbanded. There is a standing bounty of 5,000gp for the head of Alistair Dunroche, and 1,000gp for the head of any of his surviving family members: Sadie Dunroche, Rowan Dunroche, "Mad" Alex Dunroche, or Cillian Dunroche.
-- A populist movement has risen in the last four years in Cael, calling itself People of the Old Blood. They claim to want to raise the Caelish Prince to become a new King, and desire independence from the Seabian Crown. This movement has been largely opposed by the nobility of both the Tela Heath and the Vinwarde Hills.
-- There is a marked upswing in piracy along the Ybarian coast. Some claim that Vingian-financed privateers are preparing the way for another invasion. Others still claim there is a Pirate King working out of the Giant Bone Islands.

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