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Houserules and Character Generation

The following weapons are considered martial ranged weapons;
Musket, cost: 500gp, range 40/120 ft., 2d8 piercing damage, properties: two-handed, blackpowder, Special: You may attack with the butt of the rifle using your Attack action. When used this way it deals 1d4 bludgeoning damage on a successful hit.
Pistol, cost: 200gp, range 30/90 ft., 1d8 piercing damage, properties: blackpowder
Bayonette, cost: 5gp, reach 5ft., 1d8 piercing damage, properties: bayonette

Blackpowder: You may not benefit from your Dexterity bonus when making attack rolls with this weapon. Additionally, make a DC 8 Dexterity check when reloading. On a success, you may use an action or a bonus action to load the weapon. On a failure, you must use an action to load it.
Bayonette: This weapon must be affixed to a musket in order to be used as listed. It may optionally be wielded as a dagger without being affixed.

New Feat: Musketeer
You may add your Dexterity bonus when making attack rolls with muskets and pistols. Additionally, you may always use a bonus action to reload a weapon with he blackpowder property.

- You may take the Swashbuckler Rogue archetype and Mariner Fighting Style listed in the Unearthed Arcana: Waterborne Adventures article.
- You may use the Spell Less Ranger archetype listed in the Modifying Classes article.
- You may NOT take the spells Revivify, Raise Dead, Resurrection, or True Resurrection; death is final in this world, and from that land no man (or woman) returns.

Lingering Injuries - When you are dropped to 0 HP, or take an amount of damage equal to your Constitution score from a single source, roll 1d6. You take Disadvantage to all rolls which use the listed attribute. This can be removed by a week's worth of rest or half that with magical healing. If a Critical Hit was involved, there is a chance for something more severe; losing a hand, an eye, etc. Life is dangerous in Midland.
1 - Strength
2 - Dexterity
3 - Constitution
4 - Intelligence
5 - Wisdom
6 - Charisma

Character Generation
- Standard Array or 27 point buy
- See "READ FIRST" for Race options.
- Consult me if you'd like to put together a custom Background, I'm flexible.
- Consult me if you'd like anything non-standard, I'm flexible.

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Re: Houserules and Character Generation

Out of Character Policies

1) I promise not to disappear from the face of the earth for long stretches of time-- three days or so is the longest you should have to wait for an update from me. If I haven't in that time, poke me. I expect something similar from my players-- if you have been gone for a week, I'm giving you a poke. If some days pass after the poke, you're gone.

2) The above policy does not apply if you've given me warning or vice-versa. Real life takes precedence, obviously, just let me know.

3) Don't be racist, don't be homophobic, don't be the kind of person you wouldn't invite to a nice dinner party. Goes without saying, and I'm not worried about it but there you are.

4) Please respect my rulings; I may be wrong about a rule, or you may disagree with it. Please message me privately regarding any such concerns and I'll do my best to address them or correct myself. I may not end up agreeing with you but I promise I will hear you out.

5) We're all here to have fun, so let's have fun.