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Tue 2 Jun 2015
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Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
The Lusty Barnacle was, all told, not the best brothel in Bascay. In fact, if there were a brothel furthest from the best brothel The Lusty Barnacle had an excellent claim for it. Whatever it lacked in hygienic employees, comfortable atmosphere, and palatable food it more than made up for in discretion-- there was no better place in the port-city to lose oneself or have a disreputable talk without being overheard. Locals knew that The Lusty Barnacle was a quiet place, and did their best to ignore it.

Which made two men crashing through the second-story window something uncharacteristic for the place.

The shower of wood splinters and glass shards torrented across the worn Bascay cobblestones with a tinkling roar, followed shortly by the wet thuds as both men hit the street hard.

Vargas Valejo pushed to his feet dizzily, half-drawing the rapier strapped to his belt as he did so. The man stumbled, pushing off the other man--Victor Valejo--as he attempted to clear his head from the fall. A steady stream of foul language in a Ybarian port-pidgin issued from him.

"Oilar! you gantz haured sack of--" Vargas hollered, weaving back and getting his heels beneath him. "Por la brother I cannot imagine a okerrago del pisco de puto para, I will cut your arratuzak off, te es un putain, mein schiesseschelcter."

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Victor Valejo
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Mon 8 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
Always the face. Why did they always go for the face? Victor wiped the blood from his nose and stumbled onto his feet.

"Oh, you are one to talk, you unfaithful, enganyar bruto," Victor slurred as he threw a half-hearted punch with all the poise and power of a limp leper. Not his finest moment, to be sure. "I have - sie schlager, stand still! - I have half a mind to make Rosa a widow!"

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I try to be the better man and shove him back down on his ass instead of drawing steel. Let's see how that bright idea turns out.

12:53, Today: Victor Valejo rolled 8 using 1d20+4. Shove (athlethics).
11:49, Today: Victor Valejo rolled 23 using 1d20+3. Initiative.

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Tue 9 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
Vargas' dodge of his brother's punch was by no deft skill or clever sidestep-- rather, the Ybarian tripped and fell beneath the other's arcing fist. He rose with his rapier-blade flashing and slashing-- though he failed to connect.

"Don't you dare talk about Rosa!" Vargas snarled, weaving his blade in front of him, "You would widow her just to have her, ze harroputz ecume, you have always wanted her for yourself!"

The Ybarian squared off, his visage suddenly grim; he had passed beyond rage into someplace colder and more lethal. He did not sway on his feet as much, and when he brushed hair from his face it was with purpose and clarity.

"Non vou permitir, you traitorous dog."

11:12, Today: The First And Last, for the NPC Vargas Valejo, rolled 8 using 1d20+4. Rapier.
Victor Valejo
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Sat 13 Jun 2015
at 00:58
Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
There had been a time when Victor and Vargas had been fast friends. But even then, and though they were but a year apart, Vargas had always been stronger, harder, and more willing to bloody his fists to get where and what he wanted. Even against Victor, though never with hate. Until Rosa, at least. But even then he had kept from drawing steel. That he did so now wounded Victor more than any blow.

"So be it." Now, more than ever, he could not find it in himself to excuse Vargas' infidelity. The man was without honor, without love, without worth. And though he had always been stronger and harder, Vargas had always been quicker, smarter, and he had learned his fair share of tricks at sea. If this was to be the battle of the brothers, then so be it. Victor was confident. He reached for his sword and--

That was odd. His sword, or for that matter the sheath - the belt, as well, come to think of it - was conspicuously absent. He looked down at his side. Then he looked up at the broken window to his room. Then back to his side once again. Then up to the window a second time for good measure. Sobering comprehension began to dawn upon him -- he had left his sword belt in his room.


OOC: Victor withdraws in the opposite direction of Vargas.
The First And Last
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Sun 14 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
"Stand and borroka, you sour-faced pig!" bellowed Vargas, hauling himself forward. He chased his brother as Victor withdrew--the unarmed man deftly dodging thrust and cut alike--without seeming regard for the slowly gathering crowd. There was at least one uniformed member of the watch in that crowd, but they pointedly did nothing.

This was not their part of town. Here, they were no true authority.

In trying to corner and disembowel Victor, the enraged Vargas did not see the four burly men carrying a small and beautifully carved wooden palanquin. Nor indeed did he immediately notice that, when an errant slash brought him barreling into one of the men, the palanquin bobbed and slipped to one side. A clatter and flurry of curses slammed out of the palanquin.

The street was suddenly much less busy-- the crest on the side of the wooden contraption was that of Signore Corpulo, a thoroughly ruthless and infamous slumlord.

Vargas stopped attacking his brother long enough to take in the enormity of having nearly dumped Signore Corpulo to the curb. The four men put the palanquin down and the Signore himself poked his head out the window, eyes alight with prideful rage.

"Maybe I do not kill you today, brother." Vargas said, slowly drawing closer to the other man, "Maybe we run very fast so that we are not killed oraintxe, and later perhaps I kill you. Onargarria?"

His eyes flicked to a nearby alley as Corpulo's four guards drew steel with obscene, professional calm.

18:43, Today: The First And Last, for the NPC Vargas, rolled 5 using 1d20+4. Rapier attack.
OOC: I figured a natural 1 was an appropriate trigger.

Victor Valejo
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Tue 16 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
Victor turned around as soon as he heard the noise behind him. He froze; in some places it was the name of the Mother one did not tarnish, in others, the flag of King Jurgen, but here in the back streets and alleyways of lower Bascay, it was characters such as Signore Corpulo who held the ultimate authority and demanded the highest respect. Flipping his palanquin over was a death sentence to anyone involved.

He nodded vigorously in agreement to his brother's suggestion; the part about the tactical retreat, at least. "Onartzen, but where-" He followed the direction of his brother's eyes. "Ah. We should move." Victor pushed at Vargas to get moving, then ran for the alley. "Just like old times, yes? Try to keep up."

OOC: I look for routes that will give us an advantage in escaping the guards such as balconies or flat rooftops, or obstacles we can throw intothe path of our pursuers.
23:03, Today: Victor Valejo rolled 9 using 1d20+3. Perception.

The First And Last
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Thu 18 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
Victor manages to lead Vargas into one of Bascay's twisting, turning alleys-- the Signore's guards following with guarded speed. A pile of crates thrown down in the Valejo brothers' wake slows the guards down, but not nearly enough.

And soon, they are cornered. A blind turn leads the fleeing men into a dead end alley, the blocking wall too high to climb ahead of the thugs.

Thankfully, the alley was not particularly wide and so while the thuggish men spread out they can't surround the two Ybarian brothers completely. Vargas takes a measured step to the right, giving them enough room to comfortably fight without being out of each other's reach. Whether that is so he can aid Victor if need be or stab him in the back when appropriate, though, was not clear.

"I will put three kingsilver that I can kill mine before you, yours." Vargas murmured, settling into a fencer's stance, his arm crooked behind his back. "And after I have won your silver I will cut your zakila off and feed it to Rosa's stupid, yapping dog."

As if to demonstrate, Vargas lunged forward, slapping aside a parry and opening a deep gash on the man's shoulder.

OOC: They rolled terrible on Initiative, so you and Vargas get to go first. AC 14, 13 HP for these guys.

10:36, Today: The First And Last, for the NPC Corpulo's thugs, rolled 6 using 1d20+1. Initiative.
10:41, Today: The First And Last, for the NPC Vargas Valejo, rolled 10 using 1d8+2. Rapier damage.
10:41, Today: The First And Last, for the NPC Vargas Valejo, rolled 21 using 1d20+4. Rapier attack.

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Thu 18 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
"It is no fair wager when I have no weapon of my own. Or... do I?" Victor pulled a blade of some sort - a marlinspike? - out from between the folds of his zapi and threw it against the same thug as the one Vargas had just wounded. Naturally, the spike landed handle first against the thug's forehead, plinking off and landing somewhere in the dirt. "Merda! You know, brother, this is all your fault."

OOC: I try to finish off the the first guard that was wounded. It does not go too well.
18:58, Today: Victor Valejo rolled 11,5,2 using d20+5,d4+3,d6. Attack, damage, sneak attack.

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Sun 21 Jun 2015
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Re: Prologue: The Making of a Captain [Vargas Valejo]
There was a perverse grace to the thugs as they swept in on both Victor and Vargas; the kind of quick, light movement that comes without thought. And only by practice. Corpulo's men were no stranger to back-alley brawls, it seemed, and wasted no time trying to isolate the two men.

Two of them squared off with Vargas, flicking probes and quick slashes that kept him on his heels. They also kept him from moving to his brother's defense when the other two charged.

One thug hacked and hewed inelegantly; the kind of wild swings whose purpose is not to connect, but obscure. And sure enough, the final thug barreled in trying to grab and pin Victor. As soon as one made contact, the other likewise piled on-- short swords for the moment forgotten as they attemped to restrain Victor.

"Anaia!" Vargas called, trying to move past his opponents. He payed dearly, riposting the first thug's thrust only to catch the other's slash on his shoulder. He rolled away before the following backhand could similarly open his throat but there was a worrying amount of crimson spreading across his shoulder.

"We will gut him and strangle you with his bowels." one of the thugs growled into Victor's ear. It was a toneless thing-- lacking real malice. That, somehow, made it all the more chilling. This was, for them, just another day at work. "And I will piss on your corpse."

Perhaps it was their lack of emotional investment in the fight, or perhaps they were not the consummate professional murderers they appeared-- but one of them had neglected the long dirk on his belt. Within grasping range of Vargas.

OOC: Sleight of Hand, DC 10 to lift the dirk without them seeing, doesn't cost an action. You're grappled, so you may only attack Thug 3 and 4. You get the dirk (mechanically, a long sword) regardless-- but if you pass the Sleight of Hand check you get Advantage on your attack roll.

13:29, Thu 18 June: The First And Last, for the NPC Thug 3, rolled 6 using 1d6+2. Damage.
13:29, Thu 18 June: The First And Last, for the NPC Thug 3, rolled 7 using 1d20+4. Short sword attack against Vargas.
13:28, Thu 18 June: The First And Last, for the NPC Thug 3, Thug 4, rolled 20 using 1d20+4. Short sword attack against Vargas.
13:28, Thu 18 June: The First And Last, for the NPC Victor Valejo, rolled 8 using 1d20+5. Resist Grapple (Acrobatics is highest modifier).
13:27, Thu 18 June: The First And Last, for the NPC Thug 1, rolled 22,15 using 1d20+4,1d20+4. Grapple w/ Advantage (Thug 2 helping).

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