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The Infection
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 We hunger for your flesh
Thu 4 Jun 2015
at 09:07
Attention All Survivors! This Is A Zepher Corp. Announcement! Please Listen!

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The Infection
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 We hunger for your flesh
Thu 17 Sep 2015
at 09:24
Attention All Survivors! There is a New Update from the Zepher Corperation!

Now that we have enough players, it is time that I started the day and night cycle and start the actual game itself, while this will not be implemented until this coming Friday. There are Four cycles and they are Morining, Noon, Night, Midnight and back to Morning. Each cycle will have their own added effects for both Survivors, and Zombies. This is how the days will be set up





Note that the reason Midnight is a single day is because this is when the magic happens and new events occur both inside your bases and outside in the world. It can be moving Hordes or Raiders moving closer. It may even bring about the introduction of The Merchant and Patient Zero. If you have any questions please PM me about it.