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The MC
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Sun 31 May 2015
at 20:17
Requests To Join
There are three requirements which a request to join must meet. (It is assumed that you already have a deep and abiding love for Richard Adams' award-winning 1972 novel, Watership Down, its 1978 animated film adaptation of the same name, its 1996 sequel short-story collection, and/or its 1999-2001 animated television series, or else you would not be here.)
  1. Express that love by briefly telling me which character(s) and scene(s) from the books and/or films are your favorites, and why.
  2. Convince me that the notion of playing a rabbit is not a joke to you by writing a scene in which a rabbit deals with death.
  3. Summarize your experience with roleplaying in general, and with games powered by the Apocalypse in particular.