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Fri 12 Jun 2015
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Request to Join & Character Creation
The Rebel Alliance is attempting to put together a team for high-risk Special Operations. They need a mix of skills and a strong dedication to duty.

Careers and Specializations from Age of Rebellion and related supplements only. Races/Species from any book.

1.)  A statement that you have read the RTJ & Character Creation.

2.) Tell me what character, if any, you want to emulate in Star Wars. It's okay if you only want to emulate part of one, such as being a backcountry farm boy who's a crack pilot but has no special powers, or a rough-and-tumble outlaw who isn't a smuggler. You will be playing a recently-recruited or recently-reassigned member of the Rebel Alliance.

3.) Tell me what Duty you intend to take. DO NOT tell me about what career or specialization you want. You can tell me what race/species you want, what planet or region you're from, and maybe what set you on the path to being a Rebel. It's okay if you want to leave some of these details open for future development.

4.) Physical description of your character, including possibly what sort of clothes they wear.

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Fri 12 Jun 2015
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Re: Request to Join & Character Creation
This game is set during the period in Star Wars shortly after the Rebel Alliance has destroyed the Death Star. I'm hoping you've at least watched the original trilogy to get a feel for the old-fashioned good-versus-evil space opera.

You don't need to know anything from the Expanded Universe because I read the books in high school and don't trust my recollections. If you make a big Knowledge roll and write with confidence, it becomes true. This is what spending points is for!

Please have read the rulebooks at least once. If you're not sure how something works in the game, read the rules pertaining to it before posting.

We'll be relying on the dice for this game. Please don't be upset if your character dies unexpectedly or suffers some grievous setback. You don't have plot armour!

This game is appropriate for a general audience. Violence will be treated as a necessary evil rather than glorified, so reveling in causing death and carnage is an evil act. Torture is also evil (although interrogation that does not cause physical or psychological harm is not). Swearing using real-life words is not allowed and not genre appropriate either. Use Star Wars curses like 'bantha poodoo.'

DO NOT GHOST ON US. I hate it when people just leave without saying a word. At least tell us that you're not involved anymore so we're not waiting weeks for you to take your turn in combat.
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Sat 13 Jun 2015
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Re: Request to Join & Character Creation
This game will be using the Age of Rebellion sourcebook rules for the Force.

There are no more trained Jedi at large in the galaxy, as far as anyone knows. Any trained Jedi are deep in hiding and not accessible to your characters.

Thousands of Jedi travelled the galaxy for a hundred years or more, involving themselves in the most important matters in the Republic. Whatever your opinion about the Jedi, you were certainly aware of them. That changed very quickly.

The Empire's agents moved from planet to planet, system to system, seeking everything connected to the Jedi. With terrible accuracy, they were able to hunt down everything related to the Jedi and destroy it.

All lore regarding the Jedi has been aggressively suppressed for decades. It was the top priority of the Empire after the were Jedi Purge to destroy artifacts and corrupt information. Darth Vader himself travelled the galaxy, hunting every rumour of the Jedi.

One would think that simply hiding a file or a lightsaber would be simple if one were careful. This was a mistake that many sympathizers made. Somehow the Empire was always able to hunt down any cache. Anyone attempting to conceal secrets was purged just as the Jedi themselves: thoroughly, and without mercy.

The Jedi lived -- and were destroyed -- well within living memory for many species. Since the Purge, anyone who even speaks too much about the Jedi is hunted down and destroyed with that same swiftness and certainty.

Even as this terrible violence occurred, its mission expanded. Soon the Empire were dispatching fleets to worlds where the people had traditions of mysticism. Psychics, healers, diviners, and sacred warriors were slain. Often these entire cultures were wiped out, like on Toprawa. Others were garrisoned and isolated, like Iridonia.

To this day, it is a deadly risk to even speak of Jedi. To hold one of their symbols invites the Dark Lord of the Sith's furious vengeance.
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Thu 22 Oct 2015
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Re: Request to Join & Character Creation


SoakWoundsStrainDefense (R)Defense (M)


General Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Astrogation (In)  A P
Athletics (Br)  A P
Charm (Pr)  A P
Coercion (Wi)  A P
Computers (In)  A P
Cool (Pr)  A P
Coordination (Ag)  A P
Deception (Cu)  A P
Discipline (Wi)  A P
Leadership (Pr)  A P
Mechanics (In)  A P
Medicine (In)  A P
Negotiation (Pr)  A P
Perception (Cu)  A P
Pilot (Planetary) (Ag)  A P
Pilot (space) (Ag)  A P
Resilience (Br)  A P
Skulduggery (Cu)  A P
Stealth (Ag)  A P
Streetwise (Cu)  A P
Survival (Cu)  A P
Vigilance (Wi)  A P
Combat Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Brawl (Br)  A P
Gunnery (Ag)  A P
Melee (Br)  A P
Ranged (Light) (Ag)  A P
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag)  A P
Knowledge Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Core Worlds (In)  v
Education (In)  A P
Lore (In)  A P
Outer Rim (In)  A P
Underworld (In)  A P
Xenology (In)  A P
Warfare (In)  A P



Specialization Name

Gear and Equipment


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