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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 01:39
Ember Base: Fire Training
You have been called to this base from all civilized and uncivilized corners of the Galaxy. By whatever calling, the newly-made and experienced revolutionaries alike have been brought to a central location to prepare for your battle against the evil Empire.

Reasoning that it was difficult to properly train soldiers for close-quarters with Imperial Stormtroopers without actual experience at shooting live targets, the rebels had adapt common military simulation.

Outside the base, in low gravity, no atmosphere environment, the rebels had set up a training area. Two bases, mirror images of each other created out of plastic crates and scrounged metamaterials, as well as rocks and sand bags piled up here and there. These two bases would serve as staging areas for the two teams in mock battle.

Each base, little more than a tower, was about 15 feet high. It was a ladder on the front, and a ladder on the back. The Two Towers stood about fifty meters apart. Neither had very much cover. They relied on height advantage and range for defence for defense.

For about ten metres in front of each one there was a collection of good cover. Walls, sandbags, large rocks, and plastic squares propped up as small walls woodall provide ideal firing spots.

For the next ten meters, the ground was surprisingly flat. It had been carefully raked flat, with a small Stone to disturb the serene open-ness.

Right down the middle of the Battle Ground was a trench. Barely five feet wide and 5 feet deep, it was probably the best cover around save for its position in no man's land.

The entire Battle Ground was about 30 metres across. It was longer than it was wide. The boundary was created by a colored streak of sand. Stepping outside was considered, by the rules of the battle, to be surrender.

Each of the rebels had been given a targeting laser that was disguised as a blaster pistol. They were also given stun rods, had been modified to have a power setting below the manufacturer's minimum. Now they would distribute only a painful shock, rather than a debilitating blow.

Kraken, Jospi Renning, and Xyklo Voozul found themselves wearing blue pressure suits on the eastern base. Jurell Delgar and Zeic Plirr were wearing red in the west.

The rebels glanced to the right as they saw a series of blaster bolts fired up into the air from outside the battleground.  It was time to begin!

Roll cool or vigilance, your choice.  The highest role from your team will be selected as initiative for your team.
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 02:37
Ember Base: Fire Training
Kraken, a friendly, geeky but athletic Nautolan nodds to his two blue shirt comrades, hoping the color didn't indicate his position in the overall team makeup.  He had watched an old show and the blue shirts always died in the movie.  As a technician, he hoped he wasn't in the heat of battle in too many instances or he'd need to reconsider his future training specialties.

Looking to the two strangers, Kraken nods and whispers"Nickname is Kraken.  I'm a bit of a technician, a slicer to be precise.  I'm not afraid of using blasters, but I don't have any real soldier skills or a crack shot to be sure.  Great to meet you all." he offers.

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Zeic Plirr
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 03:37
Ember Base: Fire Training
The Sullustan checked the sights on his pistol, and nodded approvingly. "Zeic Plirr. Was shooting before these kids were even born. Let's have some fun."

Today: Zeic Plirr rolled 2 successes, 1 advantage using the Star Wars Edge of the Empire with a dice pool of 3A.  Initiative- Vigilance.
Xyklo Voozul
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 11:07
Ember Base: Fire Training
Xyklo grins at the Nautolan and offers his hand.
"I'm Xyklo Voozul. My friends call me Xyklo.
Good to meet you both. Not afraid of these blasters, those big Sorosub sidewinders give me the heeby jeebys though,"
he grins and takes a position at the tower where he can peek over the wall to survey the field. Carefully.

OOC: Today: Xyklo Voozul rolled 3 successes using the Star Wars Edge of the Empire with a dice pool of 1P 1A ((3(P), 4(A))).

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Jospi Renning
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Tue 14 Mar 2017
at 11:12
Ember Base: Fire Training
OOC: 05:17, Today: Jospi Renning rolled 1 success, 2 advantages using the Star Wars Edge of the Empire with a dice pool of 2A ((7(A), 6(A))).

Jospi looked out across the "field" hoping to spot something that could give them an advantage.

05:19, Today: Jospi Renning rolled 2 successes using the Star Wars Edge of the Empire with a dice pool of 2A ((1(A), 4(A))).

Bending his arms up at the elbows and pushing up twice, he emulates shrugging in a spacesuit to the Nautolan.