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Sun 14 Jun 2015
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Rules & Party Resources
At the beginning of the campaign, all characters will have 10 Starting Duty.


Duty Table

1 - 5 : Support -- Forim Luk: 5
6 - 15: Combat Victory -- Zeic Plirr: 10
16 - 25: Personnel -- Xyklo Voozul:  10

Current Force Point Standing

Light Side:


Dark Side:


Contribution Rank: 2


Duty Table

0 : Combat Victory -- F3-3T
0 : Personnel -- F3-3T
0 : Intelligence -- Jess Swanhill
0 : Resource Acquisition -- Jess Swanhill
0 : Counter-Intelligence -- Seku Bondara
0 - 5 : Recruitment -- Seku Bondara
6 - 10 : Sabotage -- Victor Zakharo
11 - 15 : Communication -- Victor Zakharo
16 - 25 :  Resource Acquisition -- Zabuunko

Current Force Point Standing

Light Side:


Dark Side:


Contribution Rank: 1

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Mon 15 Jun 2015
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Rebel Alliance Rank Structure

Drawing from this resource, which looks at all the movies.

  • General
  • Colonel
  • Commander
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Trooper

Three combined services: Army, Fleet, and Intelligence.

Advancing in the Ranks

The Rebellion is a meritocracy depending heavily on past accomplishments and proven skills.

When first you join the Rebellion, your skills are assessed. They want to know if you have Leadership potential, and if you have other skills of note.

To reach the rank of Sergeant, you must have at least two skills of rank 2.

To reach the rank of Lieutenant, you must have at least rank 2 of Leadership.

Further promotions are earned by advancing in Contribution rank.

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Tue 16 Jun 2015
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Nearly every citizen of the galaxy has been exposed to a variety of cultures and languages. Although Galactic Basic is almost universally understood, most races and cultures have their own language and dialects.

Every player-character is proficient in Galactic Basic, and in the language of their race or planet. You will also be proficient in another language or dialect of your choosing.

Humans are boring so they only get Basic and one other language.

Send me a private message to indicate which language you wish your character to be proficient in.
These are not all the languages or dialects.


Learning different skills is an excellent way to learn languages. Some cultures are more closely linked to one skill than others. This is a stereotype but it makes it easier.

When your character acquires two ranks in a skill, apply via PM to have a language added. These are EXAMPLES. If you believe your skill relates better to another culture, ask for that language instead.

Astrogation (Int)SullusteseBrawl (Br)Shyriiwook
Athletics (Br)-Gunnery (Agi)-
Charm (Pr)-Lightsaber (Br)-
Coercion (Will)HutteseMelee (Br)Zabraki
Computers (Int)DroidspeakRanged - Light (Ag)Rodian
Cool (Pr)DefelRanged - Heavy (Ag)Tranese
Coordination (Ag)Trianii  
Deception (Cun)Bothese  
Discipline (Will)-Core Worlds (Int)Hapan
Leadership (Pr)-Education (Int)-
Mechanics (Int)VerpineLore (Int)Ancient Sith
Medicine (Int)IthoreseOuter Rim (Int)Falleen
Negotiation (Pr)BocceUnderworld (Int)Twi'lek
Perception (Cun)-Xenology (Int)Cheunh
Piloting - Planetary (Ag)-  
Piloting - Space (Ag)Mon Calamari  
Resilience (Br)Barabel  
Skulduggery (Cun)Aqualish  
Stealth (Ag)-  
Streetwise (Cun)Chandra-Fan  
Survival (Cun)Gand  
Vigilance (Will)Devaronese  

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Sat 20 Aug 2016
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Chart developed by Dienton's player

This is the chart I'm of thinking of using as guidance for skill checks.  There are too many different scenarios to be comprehensive, but my hope is that this will make my expectations clear for players.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions?

Typically in this system, the GM decides difficulties somewhat arbitrarily, however in this format, that system doesn't work well.  Below I have compiled my guidelines for determining the difficulty of a check.  It will generally be left to the player to compare the chart and select the appropriate difficulty.  The chart below provides examples that are in no way comprehensive.  You'll need to interpolate as best you can and role an appropriate difficulty.  Major disagreements will be worked out with a secondary roll to be incorporated into the original, but well avoid that unless its egregious.

Action Skill Check Typical Difficulties Table
AstrogationCore WorldFringe WorldEscape Battle or PursuitDebris/AsteroidsHand Calc
Athletics3' jump/obstacle5' jump/obstacleRope/Cliff ClimbDebris/AsteroidsHand Calc
CharmUntrained TargetMinor Merchant/BureaucratEducated/Trained OpponentIntelligence OfficerForce Users
CoercionUntrained TargetMinor Merchant/BureaucratEducated/Trained OpponentIntelligence OfficerForce Users
DeceptionUntrained TargetMinor Merchant/BureaucratEducated/Trained OpponentIntelligence OfficerForce Users
DisciplineMinor ScarePinned DownSwarmedRancor RoarOrbital Bombardment
Leadership1 Minion2 Minions/1 Sargent3-5 Minions/1 Lieutenant10 Minions/ColonelMob/Force Users
MechanicsTighten ScrewsParts AvailableMissing PartsImprovised RepairUnknown Tech
Medicine> 0.5 Health< 0.5 HealthNeg Health/PoisonSerious SurgeryBattlefield Surgery
NegotiationUntrained Target, R=2,3Minor Merchant, R=4,5Trained Merchant, R=6,7$>10,000, R=8,9R=10
PerceptionOpen,DayCover,DayCover,DarkFind HiddenStealth
Piloting-PlanetaryOpen,DayCover,DayCover,DarkFind HiddenStealth
Piloting-SpaceEnter OrbitAvoid ObstacleEvasive ManeuverEvade PursuitAsteroid Field
ResiliencePutrid AirIntense Heat/ColdPoisonDiseaseCombination
SkulduggeryPick Mech LockRig Trap, PickpocketRig Bomb/SabotagePick Secure LockFool Sensors
StealthDark,Cover,NoiseDark, CoverCover, NoiseNoiseFool Sensors
StreetwiseDeal w/ Drug DealerDeal w/ FenceDeal w/ Gang LeaderDeal w/ Corrupt OfficialDeal w/ Mob Boss
Survival (track)Muddy groundDry, grassy groundDry, bare groundBroken Rocky groundSmooth Stone Ground
VigilanceAwake/AlertMinor DistractionNoisy Env.Engaged in other taskDark/Distracted

Knowledge Skill Check Typical Difficulties Table
Core WorldsRecognize AccentSocial Norms/HistoryPoliticsHigh SocietyState Secrets
EducationGrade SchoolHigh SchoolBachelorsMastersPhd
LoreFairy Tales/LegendsCommon HistoryUncommon HistoryJedi StoriesSith stories
Outer RimRecognize AccentSocial Norms/HistoryPoliticsHigh SocietyState Secrets
UnderworldOuter RimMid RimCore WorldsClandestine OperatorsIlluminati
WarfareCommon HistorySimple TacticsAdvanced TacticsAnticipate OpponentMilitary Secrets
XenologyMajor SpeciesCommon SpeciesUncommon SpeciesRare SpeciesExotic

Ranged Combat Skill Check Typical Difficulties Table
Ranged HeavyEngaged/Short RangeMedium RangeLong RangeExtreme Range
Ranged LightEngaged/Short RangeMedium RangeLong RangeExtreme Range
GunneryEngaged/Short RangeMedium RangeLong RangeExtreme Range

Close Combat Skill Check Typical Difficulties Table

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Sun 16 Apr 2017
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
R2 - E3
Brawn 1, Agility 1, Intellect 3, Cunning 2, Willpower 2, Presence 2

Soak 3, W Thresh 11

Astrogation 3, Computers 3, Cool 2, Mechanics 2, Pilot (Space) 2

Arc Welder (Melee, Damage 3, Critical -, Stun), Built-in repair tools
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Thu 4 May 2017
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Recouping Non-Career Skill Costs:

If you have taken some ranks in a non career skill, and consequently paid extra experience for them, and then later obtained a new specialization that gives you that skill as a career skill,

You are refunded the experience points you spent as an extra cost.

example. You are an Outlaw Tech who purchased two ranks in Stealth. This required 5 points extra for each rank, for a total of 10. Later you take the Slicer specialization, which provides Stealth as a career skill. You are refunded the 10 points you spent on the two ranks of Stealth that, had you had Stealth as a career skill, you would not have spent.
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Wed 22 Nov 2017
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Narrative Rules

Minions in Star Wars FFG are obstacles rather than genuine threats. They can slow you down and do some harm, but they are closer to props than characters. Thus, official new rule for dealing with minions in combat.

When you score advantages, threats, despair, or triumphs against them, you may dictate how they respond in a way that creates a benefit or neutralizes one of theirs. This doesn't have a lot of concrete impact, but it frees you up to add to the narrative.


Lodo is manning the ship's gun turret and fires at the pursuing TIE fighters. His player rolls a triumph and a lot of presoak damage. He wants to inflict a critical, so his post reads as follows.

Lodo fired across the pursuing fighters' formation. He strikes one of the TIEs' port engine, sending it into a wide turn. Lodo switches to firing to the port side of the other fighter, causing the pilot to dodge right. The two TIEs collide, destroying one and damaging the other.

See? Same effects as ever, but now the player has created an interesting combat narrative.


Lodo had created a chokepoint across a narrow bridge and was guarding it with a repeating blaster against the Stormtroopers on the other side. His player rolls a large amount of damage and two threats. His post looks like this:

Lodo sprayed fire at the bucketheads as they advanced. One was blasted and fell over the railings with a scream. The rest were invigorated rather than dismayed. Lodo shoots into the advancing Stormtroopers, but soon they are across the bridge. He draws his blade to meet them head-on.

Try to incorporate the general character of the minions in question in your writing. Some examples:

Stormtroopers are disciplined, dedicated, loyal, and unimaginative. They are heedless of danger, and easily tricked. Not exactly stupid, but they have had all  creativity and initiative drilled out of them. They also have terrible peripheral vision.

Criminal gangsters and pirates are a different story entirely. They tend to be cruel, violent, individualistic glory-seekers. They have little interest in teamwork or tactics, and have fragile morale. Their gear is often scavenged, second-rate, or poorly repaired.

Warriors from low-technology groups vary a bit, but there are a few likely traits. They are brave, aggressive, and reckless. They are easily spooked by technology. Their fighting styles have elements of ceremony, with lots of battle cries and displays of courage.

Professional mercenaries are different from criminal gangsters or Imperial soldiers. They are disciplined and steadfast, but not reckless. They pay close attention to tactical situations  like flanking, cover, and high ground. They will not readily retreat, but are slow to advance into danger. They tend to retreat or surrender when they believe they are losing a fight. They hate fighting against fanatics, including Rebels. It's a lot harder to predict what someone who is fighting for a cause rather than a paycheck will do.
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Thu 17 May 2018
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Re: Rules & Party Resources
Capturing High Value Targets (HVTs)

When Alpha Team is in the field, it may be possible to retrieve sapients with high value to the Rebellion.

Who is an HVT is sometimes decided by the mission details, but there is significant leeway for Rebels in the field. They can be a rescued ally or a captured prisoner of war. Most Rival- or Nemesis-level NPCs are suitable candidates.

When you retrieve an HVT, they become a training resource. Once back at base, the HVT is interviewed or interrogated for their skills. From that point on, unless the HVT leaves the Rebellion, you can use their knowledge for your own training. Between missions, the HVTs will allow you to train certain skills as if they were Career skills.

Alpha Team
Current list of HVTsCareer Skills Enabled
D'Trii, Verpine bacta technicianMedicine
Kliss-Meen, Gran SlicerComputers

Beta Team
Current list of HVTsCareer Skills Enabled
Wrarcore, CSA RepresentativeDeception

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