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History of the Kingdom of Willows
Hello and welcome to my take on Changeling the Dreaming.

During the Hinterlands Campaign we will be exploring the nature of the Kithain, because as I understand the material Changelings are creatures of great duality.

They seek to balance the forces of Glamour and Banality, they struggle to balance the realities of madness and mundanity and they fight to balance their mortal and fae natures--and in so doing they realize ever more that they are truly neither.

Because of the focus of the game, the stories I have planed will benefit Kithain more than the Thallain but all Creatures of the Dreaming are welcome but play this creatures with the understanding of what the true focus of the campaign will be.

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Link to Your Heroic Legacy
Each player may select one of the Heroic Legacies. The Heroic Legacies explain why (in part) your character has choosen to travel to the Kingdom and undertake this largely suicidal mission.

Heroic Legacies are stories in their own right and a way to earn additional experience points beyond what has been detailed above. Roleplaying your Heroic Legacy will always result in an additional 3 xp each month (perhaps more depending).

Sealed Art
You were a genius in one of the Kithain Arts. The Crystal Circle feared your insight and sealed your power least you destabilize the Kingdom before your Sainting. You begin with 1 Art (to be approved by the Storyteller) at 5. Use of this Art causes terrible pain as the curse manifests

Details of this magical curse are as follows:

Activating any level of your cursed Art requires the expenditure of 1 Willpower point. Due to the pain the follows, all Sealed Art bearers must first spend a willpower point to force themselves to endure the soul searing pain which follows. The level of the Art activated determines the effects.

          Level One:   1 Agg and the pain persists for 1 round.
          Level Two:   2 Agg and the pain persists for 2 rounds.
          Level Three: 3 Agg and the pain persists for 3 rounds.
          Level Four:  4 Agg and the pain persists for 4 rounds.
          Level Five:  5 Agg and the pain persists for 5 rounds.

Blessed One
By virtue of an unknown factor within the glamour of your character, he or she may bless another Kithain and heighten their power. Although you may not empower yourself or your own Arts the effect on your allies is quite potent.  Within your perm Glamour rating in yards you may cause the below effect:

- Bestow up to your Gremayre rating in auto success to any cantrip (auto successes replaces die that would be rolled on a one for one basis). This effect creates causes a "ping" which Creatures of the Dreaming and sense within your Glamour in miles. If you would like to bestow auto successes to more than one cantrip caster you must spend multiple points of Glamour.

- Enchant a mortal via "force of will" meaning they do not have to accept something from you. You may additionally pull Chimerical creatures and items into the Autumn World with the mere expenditure of Glamour.

- You may "feed" on the ambient emotion of a location. The emotions of the location will color your mood for as long as the Glamour regains within your system. The process is a complex push/pull of using your Banality to flood the area and your Glamour to call to the like energy of the area.

Because of your fantastical abilities the sidhe consider you closer to the Tuantha De Daan and thus are very envious of your abilities. There are seers which say that. . .peices. . . of one so blessed may be mixed within magical elixirs which will allow other less enlightened Kithain to enjoy the Blessed One's power.

Chimerical Companion
Build a Chimerical Companion using 25 points. If you have the Chimerical Companion background add the 25 pts from this legacy to it. Please work with the Storyteller when creating your companion which should have a history as rich as your character (history, likes, dislikes and motivations). This companions should be as notable as Appa from the Last Airbender or Karara from Inuyasha.

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Link to Your Heroic Legacy
Here stand the Free Commots, these lands that once were the Barony of Shining Waters. Free. Broken 'though not bowed. The Autumn city shattered on that cold December morn, the Winter fist of the Invader's children pounded into the frost-ridden earth. And yet we live still.

Within these Lands of embered hopes, you are bound by the Escheat. No Harm shall come to you here from kithain hand, nor shall you bring Harm with you. Peace reigns in this Goblin Market, no Blood shall be spilled save what Honour demands. Prodigal shall not enter this place, Banality shall find no refuge here. Leave your Mortal cares behind you, and they shall be light when you take them up again. Hold Glamour to your heart, and joy shall follow. Bring Hope, for we are in much want of it...

 Welcome to our Free Commots. Long Live the Queen.
The History of this Barony begins when first the Fae of Europa set foot in this New World. Long has the Crown of the High King held demesne over this place. In the first years, battles between the Fae and the Nunnehi were fierce. Troll and Nocker held the line as the New World opened to European eyes. This was Just or Unjust I cannot say, but it is done.
 Two hundred years past the true War began. Strange, dark Chimerae began to prowl our coasts, slaughtering Fae and pillaging Glamour. Those attacked were left but Banality-ridden husks of their former glory. Rarely did a lone Freehold fight off the invaders. Pirates, they were, sailing Black Ships lit with flame. Dark nightmares of Flaming Ghosts, let loose upon the sea of the World. These raids came when least expected, and tales of lost Motleys, slaughtered to the man, were upon the lips of all who lived upon the Water's Edge in this place.

On the Sixth day of December, Nineteen-Hundred and Seventeen, our World here came crashing down again. Only those touched by the Dreaming saw that day a Great Black Ship, aflame from stem to stern, sail silently into the Harbour. An omen of ill, and a portent of disaster; the infamous explosion rent the city of Halifax to bloody shreds. Banality took a high toll that day, and in the days that followed. Those who did not leave found themselves pulled down by the weight of Pain and Sorrow. Most retreated, hiding behind the Seeming of Normalcy. Others simply died.

he Black Ship became a Bane like Iron. None met the Ship and survived to tell the tale. Freeholds were found barren and dead. Hero after Hero sought out the Nightmare to bring it to a final end, but none returned. The ghostly Buccaneers aboard only grew in numbers as new Kithain fell victim to their rapacious thirst for Blood and Souls. Eighty-two years.
One year gone, the Baron August heard the tale from Tara-Nar. In the lands of the Northern Ice, the Black Ship ravages the land. None dare oppose it, for none return. The Baron is of the Sidhe of Dougal. His heart is deep and he cares for all Kith and Kin. No deed is too great, no path too hard. The Baron took an oath to rid the world of the Black Ship. His enemies (for like all Heroes, the Baron has enemies) smiled behind their cloaks.

None know aught of the Baron's Quest save that four strong Knights accompanied him. The Five Great Houses sent their Heroes to certain doom, but the Baron August of House Dougal returned whole and the Black Ship was no more. The evil had torn at his Heart and his Glamour, but he lived yet, and he had won. He took this land as his Demesne, and the Barony of Shining Waters was born. He called to his side Kithain of any colour and stripe, all were welcome here who hold Glamour to their hearts and Good to their souls. 'Though the cold Winds of Winter clung to his shoulder like a mantle, still he built this Barony, that we might know joy. Thank him in your heart, for he is a Hero.

The History of Halifax in the Camarilla's Shining Host Chronicle.

1749 .. Halifax founded under the hand of Governor Edward Cornwallis. A bounty is offered for "indian" scalps (10 guineas), and poxy blankets are sold to the Mi'kmaq. European population 1200 settlers plus families, and under 1000 Mi'kmaq.

1758 .. James Cook takes part in the successful blockade of Louisbourg, and learned charting in Halifax Harbour.

1759 .. Proclamation issued by Governor of Nova Scotia invites New Englanders to settle there.

1776 .. The American States begin their revolt.

1782 .. Loyalists fled north to Nova Scotia from conflict.

1783 .. More than 5,000 Blacks leave the United States to live in the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario. Having sided with the british during the American War of Independence, they come to Canada as United Empire Loyalists, some as free men and some as slaves. Although promised land by the British, they receive only varying amounts of poor-quality land, and, in fact, some receive none at all. In Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Rose Fortune becomes Canada's first policewoman.

1789 .. University of King's College founded founded in Windsor.

1796 .. About 600 Blacks from Jamaica are deported to Nova Scotia. Known as Maroons, they help rebuild the Halifax Citadel. In 1800, most of them leave for Sierra Leone, Africa.

1800 .. The town clock was erected by merchants of Halifax who raised money by subscription; the clock was completed and installed in 1803.

1812 .. Britain is at war with both France and the United States, and Halifax is the scene of much military and naval activity. Privateers are quite active as well.

1814 .. The first dedicated theatre is erected in the city.

1818 .. Dalhousie University founded.

1832 .. Mechanic's Institute founded; two professors are nocker kinain.

1833 .. Royal William, formerly operating between Quebec & Halifax, becomes first steamship to cross Atlantic.

1840 - The first regular trans-Atlantic steamships are inaugurated by the Cunard liner Britannia. Saint Mary's University opens.

1842 .. Halifax is incorporated and elects its own Mayor and Alderman. New Brunswick / Maine boundary settled by Webster-Ashburton Treaty.

1845 .. Halifax native Samuel Cunard chooses Boston as the western terminus for his steamships.

1848 .. Responsible government established in Nova Scotia and Canada.

1861 .. American Civil War begins. Spies from both sides congregate in Halifax in efforts to swing British opinion and support.

1867 .. Confederation of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario forms the Dominion of Canada. Sir John A. Macdonald becomes Canada's first prime minister.

1876 .. Intercolonial Railway linking central Canada and the Maritime provinces is completed.

1891 .. Nearly one-quarter of Nova Scotian women are working for wages outside the home.

1910 .. Federal government decides to establish the Royal Canadian Navy.

1912 .. S.S. Titanic sinks off Newfoundland; recovered bodies are buried in Halifax cemetery.

1914 .. Canada automatically enters First World War when Britain declares war on Germany (August 4).

1917 French munitions ship Mont Blanc catches fire and explodes in Halifax Harbor on December 6th; 2,000 killed. Canadians capture Vimy Ridge after British and French attempts fail. Income tax is introduced by the federal government as a "temporary wartime measure". The Black Ships are first seen by the Changelings of Halifax. Most are wiped out over the following months. Kithain largely abandon the area. Halifax population roughly 47,000.

1920 .. With passage of the Volstead Act in the United States, the rum-running era begins.

1924 .. The first scientific studies identify pollution problems in Halifax Harbour. Things continue to get worse from there.

1927 .. Charles Lindbergh completes the first solo Trans-Atlantic flight. Lindbergh used Halifax, N.S. and St. John's, Nfld. as navigation points.

1939 .. Canada enters World War II after remaining neutral for 1 week; pro-war party in Quebec wins provincial election.

1959 .. Canadian government cancels the Avro Arrow; many engineers on the project end up working for NASA.

2001 .. Halifax population estimated at 359,111 plus approximately 30,000 univeristy and college students.

2004 .. Midsummer, a number of chimerical attacks destroy the majority of the freeholds in the area. All nobles killed attempting to defend their lands, and the nunnehi are largely driven off. The identity of the attackers is mysterious, but most blame the Fomorian Invaders who are at war in Hibernia. December, a concerted assault of the city's harbour by Prodigals releases a massive Nocnitsa, which empowers some strange prodigal sorcery to revisit the Halifax Explosion upon the city's North End. Three thousand are dead, another ten to fifteen thousand injured. The city is largely evacuated.